How a Car Accident Can Damage Your Connective Tissues


How a Car Accident Can Damage Your Connective Tissues

Car accidents can be harmful in numerous ways, but one aspect many people don’t consider is the way that they affect your connective tissues, which are located in parts of your body like your neck, spine, knees and elbows. Connective tissues are tough and fibrous, and they bind together bones and cartilage mainly at your joints. They are often referred to as “soft tissues” by your doctor.

Even a minor Sacramento car crash can throw your connective tissues out of whack, whether through direct impact or as a result of unnatural twisting of your body during the accident or when bracing yourself for impact. Here are some different connective tissue injuries that can result from a car accident:

  1. Knees

Knees are usually the first part of a person’s body to have direct contact with a hard surface during a crash, because your legs tend to slam into the console upon impact with another vehicle or object. Sprains or tears can also occur when your body becomes twisted during an accident, which can require surgery to repair if they are serious enough. However, rest and physical therapy are usually enough to deal with minor injuries. Be sure to talk with your doctor if you feel as though your knees are “giving out” or if you have knee pain after your accident.

  1. Back

Your back has numerous types of connective tissues that connect your spinal vertebrae as well as other parts of your body. As a result, you can experience symptoms such as numbness, pain, and even muscle spasms after an accident. You will most likely need an individualized treatment plan to recover properly, as your back is extremely sensitive and otherwise you may just end up alleviating symptoms without treating the actual source of the problem. Back injuries may not require any testing if symptoms resolve quickly or you may need testing such as x-rays and MRIs to determine the cause of your symptoms.

  1. Neck

The most common connective tissue injury in your neck is a cervical sprain (whiplash injury), which occurs when your head shakes back and forth upon impact but your body stays stationary (if you’re wearing a seatbelt). Chronic neck pain is a symptom of this type of injury, and often requires rest, neck braces and special medications to reduce inflammation in the area. Many people benefit from chiropractic treatment and manipulation from this type of injury following an auto accident. Stretches and other exercises can also help you regain a full range of motion once you’re somewhat recovered.

Seek Medical Attention Right After a Car Crash

If you are experiencing symptoms in any of these areas following a car accident, make sure to talk to a doctor and understand the underlying issue so you can begin the road to recovery. You will experience many different kinds of aches and pains following an accident and they are not all the same. You need to have an appropriate evaluation so that you receive the best treatment for your condition.

Suffering From Soft Tissue/Connective Tissue Injuries?

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