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April 13, 2015
Edward Smith

Hospitalized After a Serious Accident?

If you are hospitalized as the results of an accident, you feel lousy, are dealing with doctors and constant medical procedures and prodding and the last thing you may want to do is to see a personal injury attorney.

You may believe it can wait until you are released from the hospital. But that’s really not a good idea.

Here’s why.

Immediately after a serious accident when there are hospitalizations, insurance companies and trucking companies have special teams that immediately go out to the scene, look for any witnesses that say what they want them to say, and try to find evidence that destroys or minimalizes your case.

You need an experienced attorney to be investigating the scene and speaking to witnesses and hiring experts fast, before the insurance and trucking companies distort and make your case difficult.

An attorney should come and visit you at the hospital but beware if he wants to sign you up then and there if we don’t know yet how much insurance the at-fault party has. If liability is clear, and the other party has relatively minimal insurance, the attorney should not charge you a full fee.

He should determine the amount of the insurance coverage before he goes further, and it is not too difficult to find this out.

If you’ve been in a California accident, call me, Ed Smith today. I’ll come out and visit with you and find the best way to proceed.

I’ve been a California personal injury lawyer since 1982. My main office is in Sacramento but I handle serious cases throughout the state.

I’ll visit with you, not pressure you.

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I only take cases where I can add bottom-line value to my client and I don’t know that until I find out how much insurance is available.

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Below is a video worth watching on How to Pick an Experienced Personal Injury Lawyer.

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