Hit-and-Run in Olivehurst Injures Bicyclist

Bicycle Rider Injured by Hit-and-Run in Olivehurst on McGowan Parkway

A hit-and-run in Olivehurst on January 19 caused injuries to a bicyclist. The accident happened shortly before 6:00 p.m. on McGowan Parkway between Deaton and Donald drives, according to the California Highway Patrol (CHP). Deputies with the Yuba County Sheriff’s Office also responded to the call. 

Accident Involving Hit-and-Run in Olivehurst Being Investigated

The pedestrian was found blocking the roadway. The extent of injuries to the bicycle rider was not reported. An investigation of the accident’s cause is underway by the CHP traffic accident unit.

Fleeing Drivers in Hit-and-Run Accidents

Over recent years, there has been an alarming increase in hit-and-run incidents. In such accidents, drivers may be under the influence of alcohol, speeding, committing other traffic violations, or simply evading responsibility. If the driver responsible for the hit-and-run in Olivehurst can be located, it is indeed possible to hold them accountable for the injuries they have caused.

Identifying Fleeing Drivers

Our firm’s investigators have a proven track record of successfully locating hit-and-run drivers. To achieve this, we draw upon our experience and various resources. Here are the key areas we explored during our search for the responsible driver:

  • Accident Scene Examination: Our investigation typically begins with a thorough visit to the accident scene involving the hit-and-run driver. Our team photographs the vehicle and meticulously searches for any debris left behind. Recovered metal, plastic pieces, and paint marks play a crucial role in determining the make and model of the vehicle involved.
  • Police Accident Report Analysis: We carefully review the police accident report to ensure its accuracy and gather insights into the evidence they may have recovered.
  • Surveillance Camera Footage: In cases where surveillance cameras are in the vicinity, we examine their footage to determine if the accident was captured. Recovering this evidence can be instrumental in our investigation.
  • Accident Reconstruction: We possess the expertise to reconstruct how the hit-and-run incident in Olivehurst transpired, using the vehicle’s position with the bicyclist.

Once the fleeing driver is located, the injured individual can seek compensation based on the information we have gathered. In situations where locating the hit-and-run driver proves challenging, alternative avenues for compensation may be explored to support the injured person.

Uninsured and Underinsured Auto Policies May Cover Bicycle Injuries

Drivers in California have the option to include uninsured/underinsured driver coverage in their auto insurance policies. This choice is popular among motorists due to the prevalence of uninsured or minimally insured drivers on the road. Whether you are injured while driving a motor vehicle, riding a motorcycle, bicycling, or even as a pedestrian, this coverage extends to protect you.

Additionally, if a family member has an uninsured/underinsured policy, you can utilize their policy instead of having one yourself. Adding this coverage to your policy does not result in any future rate increases.

Personal injury attorneys should possess the following characteristics, according to accident lawyer Ed Smith:

Personal Injury Attorney in Olivehurst

I am Ed Smith, a personal injury lawyer in Olivehurst. There is a high incidence of accidents involving bicycles caused by negligent drivers. Compensation may be available to cyclists who have suffered injuries due to the driver’s negligence that covers their losses and suffering. Our legal team can be contacted at (530) 392-9400 or (800) 404-5400 for free and friendly advice. In addition, we offer an online form that you can use to contact us. Our team can review the specifics of your case and determine whether you have a claim to recover compensation. 

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