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Hit-and-Run Driver in Sacramento Injures Minor Crossing the Street

Accident on Martin Luther King Boulevard Causes Life-Threatening Injuries

Authorities are searching for a hit-and-run driver in Sacramento who injured a pedestrian on November 12. The collision occurred at Martin Luther King Boulevard at about 7:45 in the evening. The police report by the California Highway Patrol (CHP) stated that an underage male was crossing an intersection on a red light when a Mercedes with a green light struck him as the driver went into the number one lane on 47th Avenue westbound. 

Teen Transported to Hospital and Driver That Hit Him Flees the Scene

The collision between the vehicle and pedestrian threw the young man onto the sidewalk, where he was found unconscious. Emergency responders transported the injured patient to a hospital with injuries described as life-threatening, according to the CHP. In addition, it was reported that the driver of the Mercedes pulled over to the shoulder of the street before fleeing the scene by going west on 47th Avenue in the direction of Franklin Avenue. 

Authorities Seeking Information on Hit-and-Run Driver

Authorities have the license plate number of the vehicle that struck the young man and are searching for a Mercedes Benz ML300 SUV, which is black in color. Those who have information about the hit-and-run are asked to phone (916) 879-5600.

Finding a Hit-and-Run Driver

Our investigative team holds a good record of locating a fleeing driver. This is because we believe it is terrible enough to be injured by a negligent driver who then flees the scene. The injured person or family should not also have to bear the financial burden of paying for their medical bills, lost wages and suffering the pain of the accident. Some of the ways in which we search for a fleeing driver are:

  • Our investigators go to the scene of the accident to gather the information that will help locate the vehicle and driver. Paint smears and dropped pieces of metal can help identify the make and model of the vehicle.
  • Area business and traffic cameras are examined to determine if any of them captured the fleeing driver on tape. 
  • The investigators interview any witnesses to the accident. A witness to the accident involving the hit-and-run driver may be able to describe not only the vehicle but the person behind the wheel. Some may recall at least a portion of the license plate. Others may have captured the accident as it happened on their cell phones.
  • The investigators perform accident reconstruction, which shows how the collision occurred. This type of investigative technique often shows which party was at fault and is widely accepted as evidence both by insurance companies and in court.

Insurance Can Pay for Your Injuries

Those who carry the uninsured/underinsured add-on policy with their auto insurance can use that to pay for their accident injuries. This rider to your policy covers you whether you are in a vehicle, riding a bicycle or motorcycle, or on foot when your injury occurs. If you don’t have this insurance but another member of the immediate family does, that can be used instead. It does not affect the insurance rates in the future.

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