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September 22, 2022
Edward Smith

Fatal Accident on Fruitridge Road Caused by Hit-and-Run Driver

A hit-and-run driver caused a pedestrian fatality on September 19 after striking a man and leaving the scene. The accident occurred on Fruitridge Road near South Watt Avenue, and officers with the Sacramento Police Department arrived at the scene around 3:30 a.m. The male pedestrian was declared dead by medics with the Sacramento Fire Department at the scene. 

Accident Fatality Caused by Hit-and-Run Driver Under Investigation

The name of the deceased pedestrian has not been released pending notification of the family. The accident investigation is being conducted by crime scene investigators and traffic detectives. They searched the area for any witnesses to the fatal hit-and-run and evidence as part of the investigation, however, no information was released on the suspect vehicle. 

Those With Information on the Accident Asked to Call

The investigation is ongoing, and authorities are asking anyone who has information about the accident to phone (916) 808-5471 to speak to an officer. Information can also be left by calling Sacramento Valley Crime Stoppers at (916) 443-4357 or leaving an anonymous tip at the P3 Tips website or through the app.

Cases Involving Claims Have to Be Investigated to Gather Evidence

Unfortunately, there are many pedestrian accidents in Sacramento County every year. Many of these accidents are caused by a hit-and-run driver. However, our law firm has been successful in locating some of these fleeing drivers. We do it by conducting an investigation and working with local authorities. Investigations have to be undertaken in personal injury or wrongful death cases to support the clients’ claims for compensation. 

Techniques Used to Locate a Fleeing Driver

Some of the areas in which investigative techniques are employed include the following:

  • By going to the scene of the hit-and-run driver accident, the investigators can start gathering evidence right away before it becomes covered up or disappears. Dropped pieces of metal, lights and paint can help identify the vehicle’s make and model since they are exclusive to different vehicle manufacturers.
  • The area is checked for business, home and traffic surveillance cameras that may have captured the accident as it occurred. 
  • Any witnesses to the hit-and-run are interviewed. Witnesses can often help identify the vehicle, and in some cases, even the driver. On some occasions, a witness captured the accident as it happened on their cell phone.
  • Accident reconstruction is conducted. By performing this type of forensic reconstruction, it can be determined how the vehicle and pedestrian were positioned initially and point toward who was at fault. 

When all the evidence in the case has been gathered, our accident attorneys go to work. They compile the evidence into a strong case that supports the client’s claim for a personal injury or a wrongful death.

Wrongful Death Lawyer in Sacramento

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