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Highway 99 Closed for Four Full Days in June

47th Avenue to Highway 50 Closure

The California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) will close both directions of Highway 99 for more than four days in June 2021. The affected stretch of the highway spans from 47th Avenue to the Highway 50 connection. It will be closed at 8:00 p.m. on June 11th and is scheduled to re-open at 4:00 a.m. on June 16th. The closure will include the westbound Capital City Freeway/ Business 80 to southbound Highway 99 ramp as well as the east and westbound Highway 50 to Highway 99 connector ramps. The project will replace the concrete median barriers and sound walls. Brighter lights will also be installed, according to a Caltrans representative.

The closure was announced on several media platforms to give travelers advanced notice. A California Highway Patrol (CHP) Facebook post issued a major traffic alert, and local news has been repeatedly reporting on the upcoming closure. 

While road construction is often performed without a highway closure, a representative from the South Sacramento CHP explained that this shutdown is necessary to safeguard the work crews, who will be replacing a bridge deck at 21st Avenue. The work is part of a Caltrans project to address the state’s aging infrastructure by performing preventative measures. The work has been determined to be essential to safe travel. The work crews are utilizing accelerated bridge construction methods which are described as “innovative” in order to expedite the construction. This will cut the time needed for road closures drastically. With older techniques, the traffic disruption could have lasted for months.

List of Ramp Closures

The CHP has listed the ramps that will be closed:

  • The entrance ramp from 29th Street/H Street to westbound Business 80/Capital City Freeway
  • The entrance ramp from 16th Street to eastbound Highway 50
  • The entrance ramp from 29th Street/N Street to w/b Business 80/Cap City Freeway
  • The entrance ramp from 29th Street/T Street to s/b Highway 99
  • The exit ramp from s/b Highway 99 to 12th Street
  • The entrance ramp from Broadway to s/b Highway 99
  • The entrance ramp from 14th Avenue/30th Street to s/b Highway 99
  • The exit ramp from n/b Highway 99 to 12th Street
  • The entrance ramp from Fruitridge Road to n/b Highway 99
  • The entrance ramp from West 47th Avenue to n/b Highway 99
  • The entrance ramp from East 47th Avenue to n/b Highway 99

Alternative Routes and Free Light Rail

Caltrans suggests that commuters use Interstate 5 as an alternate route. The Sacramento Regional Transit (SacRT) will be offering free light rail service during the closure. The free service begins June 12th and continues through June 15th. The CHP notes that in order to take advantage of free light rail, riders must carry a free-rider flyer to show the fare inspector. Fliers are available online beginning June 1st at

Drivers should use Interstate 5 and avoid Highway 99 when planning their routes during the closure period. Alternate route options depending on origin and destination include:

  • State Route 12 to I-5
  • State Route 104/Twin Cities to n/b I-5
  • Elk Grove Boulevard or Laguna Boulevard/Bond to n/b I-5
  • Cosumnes River/Calvin to n/b I-5
  • Stockton Boulevard/Mack Road, Florin Road, or 47th Avenue to n/b I-5
  • Westbound Highway 50 to s/b I-5
  • Eastbound Highway 50 to s/b I-5

CHP is asking drivers to expect delays and to plan their routes allowing extra time and flexibility. 

Watch the YouTube video. More changes involving Highway 99 are discussed in the news clip below.

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