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February 17, 2015
Edward Smith


There are over 5000 deaths and 300,000 accidents a year caused by big rigs. Often, there are disputes over whether the driver or the truck was an employee or an independent contractor and the injured party is placed in the middle. The insurer may say there is no insurance coverage because employees are excluded or that the driver is an independent contractor and not covered.

Don’t necessarily believe what the insurance is telling you. More often than not, they are wrong

The MSC-90 endorsement  to Commercial Trucking Insurance policies is a Federally mandated and important  potentially important source of recovery for injured parties. This endorsement provides insurance coverage where traditional insurance may not.

Insurance companies may not have  defenses they usually might have. For example,  even if the the truck is not mentioned in the policy, the insurance company cannot deny coverage.

These endorsements and the law surrounding them are complicated but if you were injured in an accident and told there is no insurance coverage, you know what to do.

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