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Head-on Crash in Sacramento Injures Two People

Freeport Boulevard Site of Head-on Collision

A head-on crash in Sacramento sent two people to the hospital on March 24. The collision occurred on Freeport Boulevard between the West Side Highway and Cosumnes River Boulevard during daylight hours. One of the vehicles caught on fire, while another person was trapped inside their car, according to the report by the Sacramento Police Department. 

Head-on Crash Being Investigated to Determine Cause

Fire crews with the Sacramento Fire Department arrived at the scene to put out the fire and extricate the trapped driver. Both patients were transported to a hospital with unreported injuries. Both vehicles sustained major front-end damage. The accident is under investigation to find out who was at fault for the head-on crash and how it occurred.

Head-On Crash Damages

A head-on crash can be extremely dangerous to occupants in both vehicles. This is because the weight and speed of both vehicles determine the final impact momentum. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, the death rate for head-on accidents is 58 percent. Although head-on crashes are more common in rural areas, seven percent of all fatal accidents involve this type of collision in urban areas.

Causes of a Head-On Crash

There are many different causes for a frontal crash. Some of the most common are:

  • Drowsy driving: Falling asleep at the wheel or closing your eyes even for a few seconds can be detrimental when driving a vehicle on a busy street or highway. 
  • Drunk driving: Driving while inebriated can interfere with the type of judgment and comprehension that is needed to drive safely. Many drunk drivers edge into an oncoming lane, resulting in disastrous consequences.
  • Distracted driving: A distracted driver often mistakenly finds themself traveling in the wrong direction in a one-way lane. This is because they missed seeing a warning sign. 
  • Reckless driving: Even when roadway warning signs forbid moving into an oncoming lane, a reckless driver chances the maneuver with disastrous consequences.
  • Confusing roadway warning signs: In many cities, roadway signs can be confusing or absent. The responsibility for this failure rests solely with the government agency in charge of road maintenance. A personal injury claim can be filed against the city or state agency for all injuries. Your car accident lawyer will be able to ensure that all documents are filed within the statute of limitations specified by the state. 

Investigating a Head-On Collision

Frontal collisions are violent accidents. The impact can also include damages to vehicles in adjacent lanes. It is imperative that investigators go to the scene of the accident to determine logistics and liability. No stone should be left unturned since the evidence is the basis for all cases. 

We send our investigative team out as soon as possible. They search the area and perform accident reconstruction techniques to determine liability. They also obtain videos from surveillance cameras and review police reports for mistakes. Our investigative team interviews witnesses for additional information. Once this data is gathered, it is released to our experienced injury attorneys, who use it in building a robust case for our client. 

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