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Head-On Crash Causes Fatality Near Oakdale

Accident on Highway 108 Involves Passenger Vehicle and Box Truck

A head-on crash took the life of a woman near Oakdale on April 30 after colliding with a box truck. The accident happened around 6:10 in the morning along Highway 108 near Lancaster Road. The California Highway Patrol (CHP) said that when emergency personnel came upon the scene, they found a Volkswagen sedan and box truck blocking the eastbound lane of Highway 108. The vehicles had sustained major damage. 

Driver of Passenger Vehicle Dies After Colliding With a Box Truck

The woman driving the Volkswagen died at the accident scene. The driver of the box truck, identified as Eusebio Ponce, a 56-year-old Santa Clara resident, was transported to the hospital with what were described as minor injuries. 

How the Head-On Crash Occurred

According to police, the woman in the Volkswagen was heading west along Highway 108 and nearing a curve when her vehicle entered the opposing lane into the path of the box truck. The vehicles crashed head-on and came to rest in the traffic lane heading east.

How a Wrongful Death Lawyer Helps

Under a wrongful death claim, it has to be proved that another individual or entity was responsible for the death. This is where an Oakdale or Modesto truck accident lawyer can help. Our law firm has helped numerous Oakdale residents obtain compensation through a wrongful death claim. Compensation that is awarded includes:

  • Wages, bonuses, pension, and insurance benefits are recoverable for the family up until the normal age of retirement of the decedent.
  • Loss of inheritance can be recovered.
  • Value of the services and goods provided by the decedent is recoverable, such as lawn care, childcare, and other things the deceased person normally did around the house.
  • The spouse of the decedent can recover damages for loss of consortium, affection, and the emotional damage caused by their loss.
  • Children of the family can recover compensation for the loss of guidance, nurturing, and care the decedent provided them.
  • Compensation for the anguish and sorrow suffered by the family members due to the loss of their loved one is recoverable.

Investigating a Wrongful Death Accident

When the family wishes to place a wrongful death claim to recover damages for the loss of their loved one, an investigation must be conducted to gather evidence. This will prove that the person who caused the death was negligent. Some of the areas in which an investigation is conducted include:

  • Investigators check the local police or CHP accident report for accuracy.
  • Accident reconstruction is performed to indicate how the crash occurred and show the positioning of the vehicles. Evidence of this type is often used by insurance companies and in court.
  • Any witnesses to the head-on crash are interviewed by our investigators. This is because they can provide corroborating statements on how the accident happened. In some instances, one of the witnesses may have filmed the accident on their cell phone.
  • A search is made by the investigators to locate any road, business or traffic cameras that could have filmed the head-on crash as it occurred.

Our legal team takes over once the evidence is gathered. They use it to construct a robust case that benefits our client’s wrongful death claims.

Oakdale Wrongful Death Lawyer

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