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Head-On Collision Occurs on SR 160

Two-Vehicle Accident Happens Near Antioch Bridge

A head-on collision occurred south of Rio Vista on February 14, with major injuries reported. The accident happened along State Route 160 less than a mile north of Antioch Bridge around 1:00 a.m., according to the incident report issued by the California Highway Patrol (CHP). Multiple units responded to the accident. 

Head-On Collision Involves Big Rig

The head-on collision involved an Amazon big rig and one other vehicle. Authorities issued a SigAlert to warn area residents that traffic had been shut down on the bridge. The accident is being investigated to determine fault and how it occurred. 

Amazon Drivers Aren’t Necessarily Employees

Amazon runs a massive operation of deliveries, which means they need a lot of truck drivers to get products to their destinations. In 2020, Amazon delivered an astounding four billion packages, according to Statista. That represents a growth of 127 percent over the previous year. Long hours, grueling working conditions, and the push to deliver more and more packages mean the company also has a high turnover rate of drivers. In addition, even if the driver is in an Amazon truck and wearing the uniform, they may not actually be employed by the company. 

Finding Out Who Is Liable for Your Accident Injuries

Contractors and independent drivers often deliver goods for Amazon, so they are technically not employees. Those drivers may have their own insurance, so the case must be investigated to determine who is liable if you are injured in an accident with one of their semis or smaller vehicles. In other cases, the truck may be a rental, which complicates things even more. An injury lawyer can determine if the injuries caused by your head-on crash are the fault of the driver or the company, or even both. 

Too Many Packages: Not Enough Time

When drivers are pushed to make fast deliveries and given too many packages, they may be tempted to rush, which puts others in danger. Some of the ways in which an Amazon driver can be negligent that could cause a head-on collision, or other type of accident include:

  • Speeding can occur if the driver has too many packages to deliver in a certain amount of time, and this seems to be a common problem.
  • Drivers are distracted when they repeatedly check their GPS, wonder how long it will take to get to a destination and have to constantly look at addresses on packages.
  • Fatigue can quickly become a problem when a driver is stressed and tired from making many deliveries. It has been shown that a fatigued driver on the road is just as dangerous as one who is inebriated, and their responses are similar. 
  • Running a red light or stop sign can be tempting to a driver who is running late. However, this is a common cause of a head-on collision.

Getting Help Following a Head-On Collision With an Amazon Truck

The investigation and legal resources of our firm help us prove the driver’s negligence in cases involving Amazon delivery trucks. We send our investigation team to the accident scene initially. Among the areas where they seek evidence to support your injury claim are:

  • The police report is examined to ensure its accuracy.
  • Accident reconstruction is performed, which indicates the positioning of the vehicles before the head-on collision, when it happened, and afterward.
  • Any witnesses to the accident are interviewed.
  • The vehicle maintenance record is checked because a lack of care to keep the truck in good working condition can cause an accident.
  • Area traffic cameras are examined to see if they captured the collision on tape. 

Once liability has been determined and the data gathered, it is released by our investigators to our injury lawyers. They use it in building a robust case to support our client’s claim for compensation.

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