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Head-on Collision in Stanislaus County Kills Both Drivers

West Main Street Site of Double Fatality in Head-on Collision

Two people died in a head-on collision near Turlock on March 8. The accident happened around 12:35 in the afternoon along West Main Street at Crows Landing Road, according to the California Highway Patrol (CHP). The location is a rural area between Turlock and Patterson.

Further Information About the Head-on Collision

One of the drivers was in a Chevy Silverado while the other was driving a Chevrolet sedan. For unknown reasons, one of the vehicles crossed into the other’s path. At this point in the investigation, CHP traffic officers do not know which of those vehicles crossed over into the oncoming lane. 

Roadway Closed Down for Accident Investigation

Both of the drivers, who were adult males, were found deceased at the scene when CHP officers, ambulance crews, firefighters, and Stanislaus County sheriff’s deputies arrived. For this reason, no lifesaving measures could be performed. West Main Street was shut down at Carpenter and Crows Landing roads while the head-on crash scene was cleared, and an investigation was conducted. The Stanislaus County Coroner’s Office has recently identified the decedents as 34-year-old Jose Arrizon Jr. and 81-year-old Leeroy Carralez, both residents of Patterson. 

Causes of Head-on Crashes

A head-on collision is one of the most dangerous types of accidents. This is because the speed of both vehicles combines to produce the impact. There is no wonder why so many of these accidents prove to be fatal or result in traumatic injuries. Some of the reasons a head-on crash occurs include:

  • Impaired driving: A driver who is either drunk or has taken drugs is more likely to cause a head-on collision. A drunk or drugged driver has trouble controlling their vehicle and may weave back and forth across the centerline.
  • Speeding: Speed limits are set because these are considered the maximum velocity a vehicle can go without potentially running into trouble. A speeder finds their vehicle more difficult to control, which can result in a head-on collision on a highway, rural road, or even on a city street.
  • Fatigued driving: A driver who is too sleepy to be driving can begin to nod off or actually fall asleep. This makes it easy for the vehicle to cross a centerline and cause a head-on collision.
  • Dangerous passing: On rural roads, it can be frustrating to find yourself following a slow vehicle. However, passing where it isn’t allowed or without a clear view ahead of oncoming traffic can cause a serious collision.
  • Distracted driving: A motorist who is texting, chatting on a cell phone, or performing other activities that take their eyes off the road or hands off the wheel can result in a serious traffic collision. Distracted driving is now the number one cause of traffic accidents.

Placing a Claim for Compensation

Those who are injured in a car collision or families who have lost a loved one may be able to place a claim for compensation. A lawyer who solely practices personal injury law can help. Since negligence has to be shown in either case, we send out investigators to collect the necessary evidence to support the claim. This includes:

  • Performing accident reconstruction can show how the crash occurred and point toward fault in many cases. 
  • Searching for nearby traffic, road, or business surveillance cameras is important. Video of the collision is widely used in court and by insurance companies as proof of fault.
  • The investigators talk to witnesses and check for errors in the police report.

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