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Head-On Collision in Modesto Claims Two Lives

Accident on Santa Fe Avenue Causes Two Fatalities

A head-on collision in Modesto involving a Chevrolet SUV and a Dodge Ram truck with a flatbed resulted in the deaths of the Chevy driver and her passenger on April 28. The accident claimed the lives of two Denair residents, a woman, age 48, and a female minor, according to the California Highway Patrol (CHP). The two females suffered critical injuries and were transported to Memorial Medical Center, where they both died.

Driver Crossed Into Opposing Lanes, Causing a Head-on Collision

The CHP reported that the head-on collision occurred along Santa Fe Avenue near East Keyes Road shortly before 8:00 in the morning. The driver of the Chevy was in the southbound lane when the vehicle crossed into the opposing lane into the path of the Ram truck. When the two vehicles collided, they exited the road and ended up on the shoulder. 

Head-On Collision Under Investigation to Determine Cause

The truck driver, a man who resides in Turlock, was also transported to a hospital with injuries described as moderate. It is unknown what made the driver of the Chevy lose control and veer over into the northbound lane. So far, it is unknown whether alcohol or drugs was a factor in the collision or if any of those involved were using seat restraints at the time of the crash. The investigation into the head-on collision is ongoing.

Causes of Accident Fatalities

Most accident fatalities are caused by negligence in California as they are elsewhere. Some of the causes of a head-on collision include:

  • Distracted driving: Driving while texting or chatting on a cell phone is the number one cause of an accident. According to the National Safety Council, 53 percent of drivers think that if technology in their vehicle is hands-free it is safe. However, when concentrating on a conversation, it is easy for a driver to cross over into oncoming traffic, resulting in a head-on collision.
  • Fatigued driving: A driver who is too sleepy can begin to drift off and cross the centerline without being aware of it, which could lead to a head-on collision.
  • Intoxication: Being drunk or under the influence of drugs can lead to a head-on collision because the driver is unaware of their actions behind the wheel of a car. In addition, a driver who is under the influence is a common cause of a frontal collision because the motorist has entered a highway ramp going in the wrong direction.
  • Improper passing: Rural roads are common places for a head-on crash to occur. This happens because the driver is either passing on a double-yellow line or doesn’t have a clear view of oncoming traffic.

Investigation of a Traffic Collision

Many areas of focus come into play when someone is injured or a loved one dies in a traffic accident. For the injured party to place a personal injury claim or the family to sue for wrongful death, negligence by another has to be shown as the cause. Our investigators:

  • Review the police report for errors
  • Interview the witnesses
  • Perform accident reconstruction
  • Look for traffic surveillance cameras
  • Check for signs of government negligence

Once the evidence has been gathered, our lawyers use it to construct a case that benefits our client’s claim.

Modesto Car Accident Lawyer

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