Granite Bay Hit-and-Run Causes Trauma

Douglas Boulevard Location of Granite Bay Hit-and-Run With Injury

A Granite Bay hit-and-run on Douglas Boulevard on January 19 caused at least one injury. The accident was reported around 11:45 a.m. just west of Barton Road. The Placer County Fire Department medics were called to the scene to check on injuries, according to the California Highway Patrol (CHP) accident report. 

Investigators Seeking Granite Bay Hit-and-Run Driver

No additional information was provided except that at least one injury was reported. The CHP traffic collision unit is handling a crash investigation to locate the driver who fled and how the accident occurred.

Injuries and Hit-and-Run Drivers

The increase of drivers in a Granite Bay hit-and-run means that efforts must be increased to locate these fleeing motorists and hold them responsible for their actions. This is important for those who are injured and often face high medical costs, the inability to work, and the pain and suffering that goes along with their trauma. We understand what they are going through and may be able to help.

How a Law Firm Works to Locate Fleeing Drivers

Our law firm has a track record of successfully locating fleeing drivers in numerous cases. Our emphasis on thorough investigation is rooted in our expertise and access to the necessary resources. When it comes to identifying and locating a hit-and-run motorist in Granite Bay, we leave no stone unturned, focusing on critical areas of inquiry, including:

  • Accident Scene Evidence Gathering: Our investigators start by collecting and documenting evidence at the accident scene. This includes examining tire tracks and collecting any dropped plastic, metal, or paint left behind by the fleeing vehicle. These crucial pieces of evidence help us determine the model and make of the vehicle involved.
  • Police Report Review: We meticulously review the police report to ensure its accuracy. Any inaccuracies in the report could potentially impact our client’s ability to recover compensation. If discrepancies are identified, we take the necessary steps to attach corrections to the report.
  • Surveillance Camera Analysis: We scrutinize surveillance cameras from traffic lights, local businesses, and residences. If the accident was captured on film, we can subpoena this footage for use with insurance companies or in court proceedings.
  • Accident Reconstruction: Our team conducts accident reconstruction to visualize the positions of the vehicles before, during, and after the collision. This reconstruction can provide valuable insights into determining fault.
  • Witness Interviews: We interview witnesses to the accident to obtain corroborative statements. Additionally, a witness may have captured the accident on their mobile phone, further bolstering our case.
  • Body Shop Inquiries: We check with local body shops to see if a vehicle displaying signs of crash damage has been brought in, which can lead us to the responsible party.

Our commitment to thorough investigation ensures that we leave no avenue unexplored when pursuing hit-and-run motorists in Granite Bay, ultimately striving to secure the best possible outcome for our clients.

Using an Auto Insurance Add-On to Recover Compensation

Drivers in a Granite Bay hit-and-run can’t always be located, and if they are, the motorist might not have auto insurance or not enough to cover the injury claim. The injured driver or passenger can use their uninsured/underinsured auto policy to recover compensation. If they don’t carry this add-on policy but another family member does, theirs can be used instead. It will not affect policy rates in the future.

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