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June 07, 2019
Edward Smith

Garbage Truck Loses Control on Interstate 80

A garbage truck accident occurred on June 3, which resulted in serious injuries to the driver. The truck was moving westbound along Interstate 80 near Northgate Boulevard when it reportedly swerved suddenly, striking a Dodge Durango around 2:30 p.m. The collision with the Dodge, which was reported as parked at the emergency lane, caused the SUV to strike two people standing nearby. Authorities with the California Highway Patrol (CHP) reported that the reason the garbage truck swerved may have been caused by a problem with a tire. After striking the Dodge, the garbage truck broke through a guardrail and moved down an embankment.

Injuries in the Accident

According to the CHP, The people who were struck by the SUV suffered minor injuries. However, the driver of the garbage truck was seriously injured and had to be extricated from the vehicle. Injuries to the driver were described as severe. He was transported to UC Davis Medical Center for treatment and evaluation. No further information has been released on the driver’s identity or condition.

Garbage Truck Accidents

Every day, garbage trucks are sent out into city streets to make their rounds. Sometimes, they need to access highways to get to their destination. Their size varies anywhere from 16,000 to 18,000 pounds. Due to their massive size, they are difficult to maneuver and have many blind spots. Because of this, garbage trucks can cause serious injuries or fatal accidents to citizens, children, and even those in motor vehicles.

Because such trucks stop and start repeatedly, rear end accidents are common. So are collisions with pedestrians and cyclists. Sometimes, other garbage workers are hit when the truck backs up.

Defective Garbage Trucks

While companies are responsible for maintaining and inspecting their trucks, this does not always happen. Tires, brakes, and lights are not always in working order. On top of this, defects in the brakes or tires can lead to a traumatic accident. It is possible for a garbage truck to lose control after its brakes stop working or a tire blowout. When this happens, the truck can careen into another vehicle, causing injuries or a wrongful death.

Garbage Trucks on the Highway

Garbage trucks often move at a much slower speed than the speed limit. When this happens on the highway, other drivers may become frustrated and try to pass.  While this is legitimate, the truck driver may not see a passenger vehicle and attempt to move into a different lane.

Defective Truck Part Liability

Truck manufacturers have a responsibility to build vehicles that are roadworthy. However, faulty design or defective parts can lead to injuries to the garbage truck driver and others. In this case, the company that employs the driver or the driver himself may have a case against the manufacturer. In California, the truck maker can be sued for causing an accident due to faulty manufacturing processes.

The companies that make the individual parts may also be drawn into a lawsuit as well as anyone else in the chain of distribution. It is not necessary to prove negligence in California in product liability cases. It must only be proven that the part was defective, it caused the injury that occurred, and it was used as intended.

Maintenance of Garbage Trucks

Every company has the responsibility of maintaining their trucks. Reported problems should be corrected before the truck is allowed on the road. Most issues can be detected and fixed before an accident happens through the use of careful maintenance. If this is not done and an accident occurs, the company can become the focus of a personal injury claim. Alternately, if the trash company sends its trucks out to be maintained, then a negligent mechanic and the company he or she works for can be considered liable.

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