Garbage Truck Accident on Westbound State Route 4 in Pittsburg

Garbage Truck Crash on SR-4 in Pittsburg

Crews with the Contra Costa County Fire Protection District were dispatched to a call of a garbage truck crash on SR-4 in the Pittsburg area on Monday, August 22, 2022. The incident occurred around 8:40 a.m. on westbound State Route 4 at Loveridge Road and involved three vehicles. This included a passenger vehicle, garbage truck, and big rig with a flatbed trailer.

Details on the Garbage Truck Crash on Westbound SR-4 in Pittsburg

The California Highway Patrol reported that the garbage truck accident blocked at least two lanes of traffic on eastbound Highway 4. First responders were dispatched to the scene to aid those injured.

A tow truck was requested at the scene to remove the passenger vehicle, a silver Hyundai SUV, described as having major rear-end damage. More information on the incident was not immediately provided by CHP traffic officers due to an ongoing investigation.

Things to Know About Truck Accidents and Personal Injury Cases

As a party injured in a truck accident caused by a negligent driver or entity, you may have grounds for a bodily injury claim. Depending on the facts and circumstances of your case, you may be compensated for medical expenses, wage loss, and other injury-related losses. To bring a successful case forward, you or your accident attorney must collect the evidence necessary to establish liability and the value of economic and non-economic damages. Without evidence, it can be challenging to prove that the other side was responsible for the incident. Bear in mind that evidence associated with a truck accident may be lost or destroyed over time. Therefore, letters of preservation of evidence must be sent to the trucking company immediately.

When it comes to an insurance settlement for a big rig crash, accepting the first offer from the insurance company is not always a good idea. That is because injured parties may find themselves in a stressful financial situation, and the claims adjuster may convince them that the first offer is fair. However, accepting the initial settlement offer may cost an injured person in the long run, particularly when serious injuries are involved. That is because an injured party cannot seek additional compensation once the settlement offer is accepted. By discussing the case with an experienced truck accident lawyer first, an injured party will know what a reasonable settlement will look like based on the facts of their case.

A filing deadline applies to personal injury matters in California, referred to as the statute of limitations. This limits the time frame a case has to be filed in civil court. A two-year statute of limitations generally applies that may be decreased to as little as six months when the case involves a government entity as a defendant, such as a city, for a garbage truck accident. Therefore, protect your rights and best interests as an injured party by retaining legal counsel right away. For information on how our injury attorneys can help you with your case, watch the video below or set up a free consultation today.

Garbage Truck Accident Lawyer in California

I’m Ed Smith, a California garbage truck accident lawyer. If you were injured in a recent crash involving a garbage truck, you may be entitled to financial compensation for your injuries and losses. To discuss your case with an experienced attorney and learn the best way to proceed in your situation, dial (916) 921-6400 or (800) 404-5400. One of our accident lawyers will be here to provide free, friendly case advice.

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