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September 21, 2022
Edward Smith

Driver Dies and Multiple Injuries Result From Highway 180 Accident West of Fresno 

A head-on collision in Fresno County on September 17 caused the death of one woman and injured others. The accident happened along Highway 180 eastbound close to Shasta Avenue west of Fresno in a rural area around 9:15 p.m. Officers with the California Highway Patrol (CHP) arrived at the scene to discover the frontal collision involved two vehicles. 

Mendota Woman Dies in Head-On Collision With Reported Drunk Driver

According to the police report, a man, age 27, was heading west along Highway 180 in a Honda, when his vehicle veered into the opposing lane where it crashed with an Acura carrying five passengers. The driver of the Acura, a Mendota woman, age 20, died at the accident scene. The four passengers riding with her were taken to hospitals with what were described as major injuries

Driver Arrested and Faces Multiple Charges in Fatal Head-On Collision

The man in the Honda was reportedly under the influence of drugs and was also transported to a hospital, suffering from major injuries. He is facing charges of DUI with fatal injuries and manslaughter, according to authorities. The investigation into the fatal collision is ongoing, according to authorities.

Head-On Collision on Highways and Rural Roads

On rural roads and two-lane highways, front-end collisions often result in serious injuries or fatalities. Unlike similar accidents that occur on one-way roads or on wrong-way highway ramps in cities, rural accidents have the following causes:

  • Oncoming traffic cannot be seen clearly by the driver as he passes on a hill.
  • Crossing the double yellow line, the driver is passing dangerously.
  • Distracted drivers drift over the centerline when they text or change radio stations.
  • A vehicle pulls out of a side road without looking and collides head-on with another car, causing a major injury. 
  • Driving while intoxicated or drugged results in an accident that causes major injuries or fatalities.
  • A speeder suddenly comes upon a much slower vehicle in front of them, which results in the speeding car going into the opposing lane.

Compensation After an Accident That Causes an Injury 

Obtaining evidence against the at-fault driver is necessary to support a compensation claim filed against them. The following steps are taken by our investigators to collect that proof:

  • To determine whether evidence of the accident is present in the area, we check the nearby business and traffic cameras. Subpoenas can be served if there is evidence that the accident was recorded.
  • If the police report contains any mistakes, it is important to review it carefully in order to avoid affecting the client’s compensation claim.
  • The location and way the vehicles collided are pinpointed during accident reconstruction.
  • In the investigation of the collision, investigators interview witnesses. In the event of an accident, some of them may have recorded it with their cell phones.

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