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Fremont Truck Rollover Injures Driver

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September 02, 2017
Edward Smith


Fremont Truck Rollover Injures Driver

An overturned semi truck hauling a large load of sand turned over in Fremont on August 31, necessitating the closure of both I-680 and Mission Boulevard while the spill was cleaned up. A representative of the Fremont police reported that the driver was injured in the crash, but no details have been released on the driver’s condition as of this report.

Details of the Accident

The California Highway Patrol reported that the crash occurred shortly before 3:00 in the afternoon when a truck turned over for unknown reasons and spilled 150,000 pounds of sand on the road. An ambulance was called to the accident scene, and the big truck driver was found conscious and alert. Motorists were advised to avoid the area and use an alternate route. However, because the afternoon commute had already begun, traffic was slowed in the area.

Curves Present Greatest Chance of Rollover

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration did a causation study of large truck crashes that explored why truck rollovers occurred, using an analysis of 239 crashes ending in a rollover. Fifty percent of the crashes occurred when the truck navigated a curve, most prominently when entering and exiting on and off ramps. Speed is a vital factor in rollover accidents on curves since, with increasing speed, the front wheels turn the vehicle faster than the cargo area, leading to rollover. In addition, as the speed increases, the risk of rollover increases proportionately. The height and weight of the truck add to the risk of such accidents.

Injuries in Rollover Accidents

Roof crush injuries are catastrophic in rollover accidents, and not using a seat belt can cause the driver to be thrown from the vehicle, raising the risk of brain injury. Other injuries include chest and abdominal trauma as well as spinal injuries.


The greatest cause of rollover due to speed on a curved turn is driver error. Of 108 cases where speed was excessive for the roadway involved, 77 resulted in rollover on curves. The study showed that drivers miscalculate the speed at which the truck can safely proceed through the curve, given the road conditions. In fact, 80 percent of the crashes were due to misjudgment. The speed limit for the curve often exceeds a truck’s safe speed. According to the National Academy of Sciences,  speeds should be modified for large trucks on curves, particularly on ramps.

Driver Training

Drivers should be trained in safe procedures when carrying a heavy load. Although drivers usually receive written instructions in preventing rollover, video applications might be more helpful. In addition, employers should train drivers to wear seat belts, something that improves their risk of being injured in a rollover crash.

Further training should include:

  • Instruction on the types of surfaces suitable for driving a large truck
  • Routes that avoid slippery or steep surfaces
  • Ability to adequately judge speed for different loads and ground conditions
  • Training on proper loading of the truck
  • Avoidance of speed bumps

Liability in Rollovers

The responsibility for accidents that happen due to a truck rollover is divided between the driver and the trucking company. Poor decisions by the trucker led to driver error, causing a rollover. However, if the trucking company fails to provide adequate instruction and assurance that its driver has the experience necessary for the job, the liability is shared between the driver and his or her employer.

Fremont Truck Accident Lawyer

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