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June 07, 2023
Edward Smith

Pedestrian Injured in Midtown in Freight Train Collision

A Sacramento pedestrian suffered injuries on June 4 when he was struck by a freight train. The accident happened around 2:00 p.m. in the Midtown area near H and 20th streets, according to the Sacramento Police Department. A Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway (BNSF) was involved, which is a group of 390 rail lines that transport freight around the United States. 

Investigation Ongoing to Determine Cause of Train Accident

The injured pedestrian was transported to a nearby hospital. However, the injuries suffered were said not to be life-threatening. An investigation is underway by BNSF to determine why the accident happened.

Railroad Negligence Can Lead to Accidents

Railways are responsible for making conditions on their properties as safe as possible for the general public. Unless they fulfill this duty, they have the potential to cause accidents that damage property, injuries, or even death. Negligent railroads can be held accountable for damages caused by a train collision in many ways, including the following:

  • Track problems: The railroad may be liable for damages from a collision between a train and a vehicle if it fails to maintain its track correctly, which results in a train collision.
  • Negligent employees: In addition to signaling properly before crossing roadways or following all safety regulations, railroads are responsible for ensuring their employees follow safe practices and procedures when operating on the tracks. Any damage or injury resulting from a failure to comply may be the railroad’s fault.
  • Defective rail equipment: Railroads must maintain brakes, couplings, and other components. If they aren’t and there is a train collision, the company may be held liable.

Walking on Railroad Tracks

Railroad tracks are illegal to walk along, even though they are popular photography spots for some. A person who violates this law faces trespassing charges. Pedestrians should always use signaled crossings whenever possible, listen and look both ways for approaching trains and avoid crossing until it has passed if one is coming.

Accident at a Designated Crossing for Pedestrians

If the railroad company created dangerous conditions or had been notified of potential hazards but did not take corrective action, a pedestrian’s death at an authorized crossing may result in railroad liability, even if the walker is not in a designated area. There may be liability when pedestrians are struck by trains due to inadequate warning systems near crossings, poor lighting, defective crossing arms or lack of track maintenance. It would need to be proven that the railroad’s acts of negligence caused or contributed to the injury or accident to hold the railroad liable. A train collision lawyer can investigate the accident and if negligence is found, collect the evidence necessary to support the injured client’s claim. 

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