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March 09, 2016
Edward Smith

Free Personal Injury Consultation

Free Personal Injury Consultation

Free Personal Injury Consultation

Hello. My name is Ed Smith. I’m a Personal Injury Attorney serving Elk Grove . During your free personal injury consultation, your lawyer will want to hear you explain what happened. He or she may request a variety of information from you. The time required to conduct the initial interview may vary from case to case. In some cases like car accidents, the initial consultation probably won’t take all too long. Especially if you have the information requested of you.

The Intake Process

As you tell your attorney about your accident, he or she may ask you lots of questions. These questions are necessary to help determine the best solution for your particular case. Your attorney will ask about insurance coverage for the person who caused the accident as well as your own personal auto insurance information. You may be asked if you have provided recorded statements to anyone. The lawyer will also collect information pertaining to your injuries. This may include facts about medical treatment received to date, other parties involved in the accident, whether or not there were witnesses to your accident, and more. The lawyer will typically discuss a contingent fee agreement, different types of legal fees, and what kinds of costs you can expect in your personal injury case.

Other Items of Importance During Intake

  • The attorney may ask you to sign a form in order to obtain your medical records and/or wage records
  • The attorney will want to know about your auto insurance coverage
  • The attorney may ask about health insurance coverage you have or if you use any programs such as Medicare or Medi-cal. This assists the attorney with understanding what entities may have a right to recovery in your case.
  • The attorney will ask if you have spoken to any insurance adjusters about your case.
  • The attorney will ask if you have been interviewed about your accident or injuries, and if so, whom you spoke to and what the details were.
  • The attorney may ask about the current status of your injuries. He or she may ask about your pain and what your prognosis is.
  • The attorney may advise you to see your doctor and keep all your appointments.
  • The attorney should not pressure you into hiring him or her.
  • The attorney may decide not to take your case. Do not take this personally. This happens for a number of reasons, such as his or her current caseload, specialties and capabilities, or maybe in the attorney’s opinion, you do not have much of a case. While this is helpful to know, you should seek a second opinion from another lawyer.
  • The attorney may even give you a referral to another lawyer. This happens when the attorney cannot take your case for any number of reasons.
  • The attorney may request that you sign a retainer contract or other contingency fee agreement for representation. Read the contract very carefully and ask questions before you sign it.
  • The attorney details how he or she will keep you informed of what the next steps should be.
  • The attorney may discuss how a factual investigation may need to begin before a lawsuit is filed or settlement is considered.
  • The attorney will tell you not to talk about your accident case with others.
  • The attorney may request that you refer all questions about your case to him or her. This is extremely important advice. Too much talking about your accident can ruin your case in the courtroom.
  • The attorney will request the best way to reach you and ask that you keep him or her informed at all times as to any phone number or address change.
  • An experienced personal injury attorney will keep in regular contact with you as your case progresses.

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