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March 05, 2023
Edward Smith

New Traffic Project in Folsom Aims to Improve Safety

The much-anticipated traffic safety improvement project in Folsom is finally underway. The City of Folsom recently announced that the project will start this spring. City officials said improvements to the intersection at East Natoma Street and Folsom Lake Crossing will boost safety, increase traffic flow and reduce accidents and deaths.

About the Folsom Traffic Improvement Project

The project will include updated signage and pavement markers, radar speed feedback signs, and over 2,100 feet of metal beam median barriers. Rails will also be installed along portions of the median barriers on Folsom Lake Crossing and East Natoma Street.

Crews will also do resurface work on some streets with a friction course overlay. The pavement treatment will improve tire traction and surface drainage. Design plans for the Folsom Lake Crossing and East Natoma Street Project will be completed by the end of February, and construction will start in May.

A Need for Traffic Improvement

The need for traffic safety improvement in the Folsom area came from the City’s Local Road Safety Plan (LRSP), a data-driven system that analyzes significant traffic accidents. It identifies roadway safety concerns and determines the proper corrective measures to reduce severe traffic injury accidents and deaths on the roadways.

Crash Data Results

According to crash data from 2015 to 2019, East Natoma Street between Gionata Way and Folsom Lake Crossing reported:

  • 1 accident involving visible injuries
  • 1 crash resulting in serious injury
  • 4 crashes resulting in pain
  • 5 collisions involving property damage

Folsom Lake Crossing between the Johnny Cash Trail entrance and Folsom Dam Road reported:

  • 1 fatal crash
  • 1 accident involving property damage
  • 2 crashes with visible injuries

Other Traffic Improvement Projects in Folsom

Other traffic safety improvements in Folsom include the completed Scott Road extension project. The project connects Scott Road to the White Rock Road and Prairie City Road intersection. A new roundabout was added at the Prairie City State Vehicular Recreation Area.

The Scott Road project is part of the new Folsom segment of the Capital Southeast Connector expressway, a 34-mile roadway connecting Highway 50 in El Dorado County to Interstate 5 in Elk Grove. Future connector projects in the City of Folsom include the Oak Avenue portion, which is anticipated to be completed in the fall of 2023.

Folsom Auburn Road between Folsom Dam Road and Pinebrook Drive is also part of the improvement projects, with more signage and reflectors added to the roadway. That area reported:

  • 1 crash resulting in severe injury
  • 7 crashes with other visible injuries
  • 10 crashes with complaints of pain
  • 14 accidents involving property damage

Getting Help for Your Car Accident Injuries

Car crashes in Folsom and its surrounding area are a serious issue. Aside from suffering severe bodily injuries, property damage, or even death, you can face mounting medical expenses, wage loss, vehicle repair costs, and other losses.

If the collision resulted from someone else’s negligence, you might be entitled to seek financial compensation for your damages. However, that may be challenging without an experienced accident attorney on your side. You owe it to yourself and your family to retain a legal representative to protect your rights.

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