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Folsom Single-Vehicle Accident Injures Driver

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August 06, 2019
Edward Smith

Folsom Single-Vehicle Accident Injures Driver

A Folsom single-vehicle accident on August 2 resulted in injury when the driver struck a utility pole, which caused a fire. The accident was reported at White Rock Road and Scott Road at about 2:30 in the afternoon. Witnesses to the collision attempted to get all the parties out of the vehicle as emergency responders with the Sacramento Fire Department arrived at the scene. The downed pole caused the grass to catch on fire, which spread to a nearby field on the north side at the intersection of Prairie City and White Rock roads.

More Details

The California Highway Patrol (CHP) diverted eastbound traffic, making the vehicles perform U-turns and head back along the westbound side of White Rock Road. Hazmat vehicles arrived at the scene to take care of any spills from the accident. Workers with the Sacramento Municipal Utility District also arrived to take care of the downed utility pole after shutting off the power lines, so the vehicle could be removed safely. By 4:28 p.m., only westbound traffic was open. 

What an Attorney Can Do in a Single-Vehicle Accident

Single-vehicle accidents are common, and there are many reasons why they happen. Some drivers experience a medical emergency while others may crash due to a brake or accelerator defect. The important thing is to determine why the lone vehicle accident happened. For this reason, we dispatch our investigators to the scene as soon as possible. They check for road marks to see if the driver applied their brakes and try to find traffic cameras that will show the accident in progress. We speak to witnesses and examine the police report for accuracy. We also may have mechanics look at the vehicle to see if the brakes were working properly since many defects are not easily observable, In addition, we look to see if another vehicle was involved but left the scene. Once we have this information, we are able to build a strong case against a manufacturer or other driver for negligence. 

Single-Vehicle Accident

Single-vehicle crashes are those where only one vehicle is involved. This can include rollover crashes, run-off-road accidents, and even one that involves animals. Generally, it is thought that driver error is the reason the accident happened. This is not always the case. In rural areas, an animal such as a deer can cause the driver to swerve. Other causes involve a sharp curve that lacks warning signs, bad weather, and lack of road drainage. Manufacturer defects are implicated in many single-vehicle accidents. Other causes are impaired or distracted driving and falling asleep at the wheel. Rollover crashes also can involve a crushed roof where the weight of the vehicle collapses in on its occupants. When this happens, your injury lawyer will be able to determine if the vehicle was built according to requirements to prevent this type of injury. If not, a product liability lawsuit can be filed against the manufacturer.

Run-Off-Road Accidents

A run-off-road accident is one where a single vehicle leaves the road. Injuries are common if the vehicle hits a fixed object. About 31 percent of run-off-road crashes are fatal. When the vehicle hits a stationary object broadside, injuries are usually more serious since the side of the vehicle has less protection. 

Downed Power Poles

Hitting a power pole can be dangerous due to the live electric current the wires conduct. It is important that the driver remains in the vehicle until help can arrive. If the wires are touching the vehicle, occupants are instructed to remain where they are with their hands in their lap. Merely touching the metal parts of the car can be fatal. Leaving the vehicle is just as dangerous since live wires may be on the ground.

Sacramento Auto Accident Attorney

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