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Fleeing Driver Injures Two Pedestrians in North Highlands

Madison Avenue and Hillsdale Boulevard Intersection Accident

A fleeing driver struck and injured two pedestrians in North Highlands during the early hours of March 15. The California Highway Patrol (CHP), in their report, said that firefighters with Sac Metro were sent to Madison Avenue at the intersection with Hillsdale Boulevard in response to a report of a vehicle striking a pedestrian. Even though the driver that caused the accident fled the scene, other motorists stopped to help and turned their flashers on to warn others before the arrival of the CHP.

Additional Information on the Accident

Instead of one pedestrian, it was discovered that two people were struck, leaving at least one of them in the roadway, and ambulances were summoned for both after they were stabilized by firefighters at the scene. Both of the injured pedestrians were taken to Mercy San Juan Hospital for evaluation and treatment and are expected to survive their ordeal. The fleeing driver is still at large. However, the CHP is investigating the hit and run accident and will be actively seeking the driver, who faces serious charges.

Locating a Fleeing Driver

When a pedestrian accident occurs that involves a hit-and-run driver, there are steps that an experienced lawyer can take to find them. Some of the ways in which a lawyer investigates and collects evidence to prove the identity of the fleeing driver include:

  • Cooperating with police in the collection of evidence
  • Checking local traffic surveillance and business cameras for video footage of the crash
  • Looking for roadway evidence such as tire marks that show what type of tires the vehicle has and fallen car parts or paint that can help determine the make, model and color
  • Searching for a vehicle that matches the description, which shows the evidence of a collision
  • Talking to witnesses to take down information on the vehicle and driver
  • Talking to the injured pedestrian to see what they remember such as a vehicle description

If the hit-and-run driver is located, the evidence is passed over to our lawyers. They use this evidence to build a strong case in favor of our client. It is useful when dealing with the insurance company or in preparing a strong case for court for the recovery of damages.

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How a Lawyer Helps if a Fleeing Driver Cannot Be Found

When the driver in a hit-and-run cannot be found, the injured person has the option of using their uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage, and an experienced lawyer can help with that. California insurance companies are required to offer this insurance to all motorists, although it is optional. If the injured person does not have that kind of policy coverage and someone else in the household does, their insurance can be used. Uninsured coverage includes motorists, passengers, pedestrians, and bicycle or motorcycle riders. The best news is that using uninsured coverage to pay for injuries does not increase the rate for the policyholder.

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