Fleeing Driver Injures Pedestrian in Antelope

Fleeing Driver Injures Pedestrian in Antelope

A fleeing driver left a 25-year-old woman facing multiple surgeries after a hit and run crash in Antelope. Terrilynn Collins was walking around town with her boyfriend looking at the firework displays when tragedy struck shortly before 2:00 a.m. on July 5. According to the California Highway Patrol (CHP), she was struck by the hit and run driver as the couple was walking on the sidewalk on Palmerson Drive in Antelope. The driver also knocked down multiple poles. It was reported that the fleeing driver exited their SUV and briefly looked to see if their car was damaged before driving away. 

Injuries to the Pedestrian

Collins was reported under heavy sedation at a local hospital with a crushed pelvis, broken femur and other major injuries. It has been reported that she will require multiple surgeries to repair the damage done in the accident and can expect to spend several months in the hospital. 

Investigation to Determine Fault

Traffic reports of an accident may contain errors or be inconclusive as to fault. An experienced attorney investigates the crash to arrive at a true picture of what happened and who is liable. Using investigative techniques, a lawyer is often able to gather the necessary information needed to discover the identity of the hit and run driver. Evidence can disappear for any number of reasons, and witnesses may forget what they saw or decide not to become involved. This is one reason retaining an attorney as soon as possible after an accident is important.

An attorney can also help someone recover damages through an uninsured on underinsured auto insurance policy. Many policies protect the owner even when they are walking or riding a bicycle. Of course, if the fleeing driver is apprehended, a claim will be filed against their insurance. A lawsuit can also be filed against the hit and run driver. For more information contact an attorney as soon as possible.

Parents Interviewed Following the Accident

Ms. Collins’ parents were interviewed by a local television station about the accident. The mother said that they had received a phone call after she and her husband had gone to bed with the news that their daughter had been struck by a hit and run driver. They immediately rushed to the hospital. Mrs. Collins said she did not know what to expect when they arrived to see their daughter but that she knew Terrilynn had been struck and thrown through the air from the impact of the vehicle. Mrs. Collins feared that she might discover that her daughter had been placed on life support, but at least she and her husband were not going to have to face her daughter’s death. To help with medical costs, a GoFundMe site has been set up. 

Police Seek Hit and Run Driver

Authorities with the CHP are seeking information about the fleeing driver who was involved in the hit and run. They are looking for an older SUV that has substantial damage on the front end. Anyone with information should call the CHP to help find the person who did this.

Fleeing Drivers

A fleeing driver is one who purposely leaves the scene of an accident without offering contact information or helping someone hurt in the crash. A hit and run accident occurs whether or not the driver who leaves is at fault or only property damage is involved. Hit and run accidents can be considered either a misdemeanor or a felony. Misdemeanor hit and runs occur when property is damaged. A felony hit and run under California Vehicle Code 20001 involves injury or death to another person. There are nuances. If an injury occurred, the person may be sentenced to not more than one year in jail in a state or county prison. Alternately, if the injury was serious or resulted in death, the fines and penalties can accelerate. 

Steps You Should Take After an Accident With a Fleeing Driver

It is important to take steps that increase your ability to recover damages after a hit and run accident. It is vital that the injured party seek medical help. If the circumstances permit it, the injured party should:

  • Write down the type of vehicle the hit and run driver drove as well as its color, license plate number, and any identifying stickers. Even a portion of the license plate number can be used to find the fleeing driver. Damage to the vehicle is also important information.
  • Note the damage your vehicle sustained, or if you are a pedestrian, describe your injuries. Cyclists should also describe damage to their bike and themselves.
  • Describe the driver if you saw them. Note any distinguishing features. 
  • Obtain contact information from witnesses to the accident.
  • Note if video cameras are nearby. Your attorney will obtain footage to prove your case later on.
  • Note the exact location.
  • Take photos of everything. 

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