Five Minors Injured in Red Bluff Accident

Five Minors Injured in Red Bluff Accident

According to reports from California Highway Patrol (CHP), five minors suffered injuries in a Red Bluff area crash. Altogether, four girls and one boy aged 13 to 17 years old were involved in the collision. Police say that some of the individuals required hospitalization as a result of the accident. Reports indicated that the accident involved only one vehicle. CHP officers are still investigating this collision in order to determine what causal factors were involved. Updates on the conditions of the hospitalized teenagers have not been provided by medical officials.

Crash Details

According to CHP, one of the teens had been driving a Nissan Sentra and was heading east on Reeds Creek Road to the west of the Brush Creek Road intersection at about 7:10 p.m. The vehicle was traveling at around 40-50 miles per hour when the driver apparently lost control while navigating a curve in the road. The driver attempted to correct the vehicle, but turned too sharply, causing the car to spin out. The Sentra rotated and slid off of the road, eventually striking a nearby oak tree. The tree reportedly caused major damage to the vehicle, intruding two feet into the passenger compartment.


When accident response teams arrived at the crash site, officers discovered that three of the five teens were trapped inside the vehicle. Responders extricated the trapped individuals from the vehicle using special equipment. According to reports, at least three of the involved individuals were transported to area hospitals in order to be given treatment. An email from CHP indicated that the severity of injuries ranged from a complaint of pain to a possibly fractured humerus.


Officers do not yet know what caused the driver to lose control of their vehicle. As their investigation continues, CHP hasn’t reported any suspected causes. Factors that commonly lead to accidents like this one include medical issues, driving recklessly, defective vehicle parts such as steering systems or accelerator pedals, hazardous roads, and more.

Contacting an Attorney

Injuries suffered during accidents can have far-reaching effects on people’s lives. Those who’ve been injured often need to pay for expensive medical procedures and face a long, difficult road to recovery. These factors can cause a lot of stress for families, which is why it is important to speak to an experienced Red Bluff personal injury lawyer about your situation. Many people are able to claim compensation for their losses from the parties responsible for the traumatic accident.

Many people are unsure of how they can find a lawyer they can trust and dealing with the effects of an injury can make this even more stressful. If you’d like some more information about finding a good attorney in your area, see the below video:

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