Five Injured in Drug Trafficking Accident in Rancho Cordova

Five Injured in Drug Trafficking Accident in Rancho Cordova

Five Injured in Drug Trafficking Accident in Rancho Cordova

I’m Ed Smith, a Rancho Cordova car accident lawyer. A Saturday, August 4, collision saw injuries to five people, including three children, when a driver who was trying to elude police crashed into an apartment building. A fire ensued, caused by the collision, which necessitated the closing of the entire building and displacement of its residents. The children, who were removed from harm’s way by a local resident, suffered minor injuries but were hospitalized after the collision. The other two injured persons were a man and woman in the vehicle that caused the accident.

What Happened

The incident began when officers with the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department were performing an undercover operation and spotted a Dodge Challenger running a red light at Zinfandel Drive and White Rock Road.  Upon his arrest, the driver was identified as 21-year-old Benjamin Mena, a Roseville resident. There was also an unidentified female riding in the car. Although the police officers pursued the vehicle, it sped away out of sight, so they began searching for the car on Folsom Boulevard. Officers stopped their pursuit of the suspects at least one mile before the driver collided with the building.

Car Crashes Into Apartment Building

The driver of the Challenger lost control of the vehicle in front of the Vintage Faire Apartments, located on Hirschfield Way, passing through the fence, between two trees, and crashing into the kitchen of the apartment where the children were found. Neighbors helped the children, aged 2, 4 and 7, along with their mother, to escape the building. The collision caused the vehicle to catch on fire, which quickly spread to the rest of the building. The suspects in the collision got out of their vehicle and ran on foot. They were apprehended by police a short distance away on Zinfandel Drive.

Building Closed Due to Damage

According to reports, flames spread in the building causing extensive damage. Families from the apartment building were ordered to evacuate while firemen attempted to put out the blaze. The entire building was closed down due to damage from the collision and fire and because the utilities had to be shut down. Workers placed window planks and fencing to close the building off. It is unknown where those displaced families will be staying in the immediate future.

Charges Against the Suspect

It was discovered by officers that Mena was transporting methamphetamine at the time of the crash. He and a woman in the vehicle were placed under arrest. The woman was not charged and released. Mena faces felony charges for transporting and possessing methamphetamine, fleeing from police officers and running the red light. Bail is not being offered to Mena.

Accident Injuries

An accident can not only result in serious injuries but can cause psychological and emotional damage that requires professional treatment, and dealing with an insurance company can be frustrating. An individual who is injured by a negligent driver can obtain financial compensation for the lost time at work, medical expenses, pain and suffering and property loss. This is where an experienced personal injury lawyer can help. By gathering all the evidence in the case, along with the expenses incurred by that individual, the attorney can build a case for maximum compensation. This can help the family move on with their lives without the stress of financial problems.

Rancho Cordova Car Accident Lawyer

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