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Fire Truck Intersection Collisions

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April 28, 2015
Edward Smith

A tragic intersection accident in Stockton today took the life of a person in an SUV and injured the driver of the SUV and several


Police are investigating the cause of this fire truck accident  and hopefully traffic cameras near the scene will shed light on what


Although the circumstances of this fire truck intersection accident are presently unknown, fire truck accidents in intersections

are common.

When the occur, they happen with devastating force and consequences as can be seen above.

A recent Google  search of “emergency vehicle intersection collisions” showed almost 900,000 results so you can see

such accidents are far more common than suspected.

A driver approaching an intersection must have whats known as “perception of presence”..that is, he or she must be aware

either visually or audibly that the emergency vehicle is approaching.

In evaluating fault in Intersection Fire truck accident, the training of the operator of the fire vehicle is a keen focus

of a truck injury attorney.

The driver of the fire truck should have been trained not to rely on any warning devices such as lights or siren, to clear

oncoming traffic.

They need to be watchful approaching the intersection, to evaluate if other vehicles are making way.

The cadence of the siren is supposed to be changed

Eye contact with the other driver should be made.

There are safety videos available teaching firefighters how to approach intersections. They should be part of basic training of

any fire truck driver.

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