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Fiery Car Accident on Interstate 80 in Davis

Fiery Car Crash on Interstate 80 in Davis

On Tuesday, June 30, 2020, a fiery car crash took place off of Highway Interstate 80 in Davis. According to information from California Highway Patrol (CHP), the accident involved a single passenger vehicle and ignited a brush fire on the southern end of the city.

What Happened?

The accident occurred in the morning at around 6:15 a.m. on the eastbound side of I-80 just past the Richards Boulevard junction. A small, gray sedan of unreported make and model traveled off of the south side of the highway for reasons that are not currently known. After leaving the road, the car drove over a grass field before colliding head-on into an oak tree.

After the crash took place, a passerby stopped their vehicle and helped the driver out of the wrecked car. Shortly after the good Samaritan helped the driver, the vehicle burst into flames, igniting surrounding dry grass and starting a wildfire.

Response and Investigation

Emergency responders and firefighters were rushed to the scene after the accident was reported. Fire crews were able to bring the budding wildfire under control before a significant area burned.

CHP is reportedly still looking into the factors that could have caused this collision. Even though single-vehicle crashes only involve one driver, there can be multiple causal factors, and many of these causes aren’t the fault of the motorist. Common non-driver crash factors involve issues with roads like defective pavement as well as faulty car parts like steering systems, tires, or brakes.

Accidents and Burn Injuries

There are many types of injuries that car accident survivors are liable to sustain. However, burn injuries are some of the most serious and painful injuries that can happen during a crash. Burn injuries can take a long time to heal and, in many cases, leave permanent scars or cause other chronic health issues.

In many cases, burn injuries require extensive reconstructive surgery as well as long-term physical therapy. Because recovery requires so much medical care, many people worry about how they’ll be able to afford the treatment that they need.

Contacting an Injury Accident Attorney

Accident injuries can be very expensive, but crash survivors can reach out for help by calling a Davis personal injury lawyer and asking for advice about filing a personal injury claim. Often, survivors can obtain the compensation they need to cover medical bills as well as damaged property, lost income, and more.

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