Femur Fracture Tests

Femur Fracture Tests

Femur fracture tests are an essential part of making the right diagnosis. Even if a fracture is evident on a physical exam, there are multiple types of femur fractures. These tests are important for differentiating the various types of broken femurs. Some of the ways a broken femur might be classified include:

  • Displaced: A displaced femur fracture means that the bone fragments have been moved from their proper location. These fragments must be put back in the right place to avoid malunion.
  • Open: An open femur fracture means that one or more of the fragments are protruding through the skin. This can make an individual susceptible to infection, which is a severe complication.
  • Comminuted: If a fracture is comminuted, the bone has been shattered. There are multiple fracture lines throughout the femur, and these injuries often require surgical repair.
  • Spiral: In a spiral femur fracture, the break is in a corkscrew pattern. This type of fracture results from a twisting of the leg, which is often associated with abuse.

Femur fracture tests are vital for telling these various types apart.

Physical Exam Comes First

The first test that the doctor is going to complete is a physical examination. There are several different ways that the doctor is going to examine the femur. Some of these include:

  • Visual Inspection: It will be necessary for the doctor to look at the skin for any visible deformities. For example, the doctor might notice an open femur fracture that requires emergent repair.
  • Pulses: One of the possible associated injuries is a tear of the femoral or the popliteal artery. The doctor will probably check the pulses in this region of the leg to ensure that these arteries are still intact.
  • Range of Motion: Next, the doctor might test the range of motion of the femur. Those who have suffered a serious femur fracture will have a difficult time moving their leg.
  • Associated Injuries: It will also be important for the doctor to check the hips, knees, and ankles to look for other related injuries that might otherwise be missed.

Once the physical examination has been completed, the doctor might decide that imaging is necessary.

Imaging Tests Might be Needed

There are many different imaging tests that the doctor could use to help diagnose the broken femur. Some of these include:

  • X-Ray: An x-ray is a fast, cheap, and safe test. An x-ray produces an image based on changes in density. This image is a two-dimensional picture, so the doctor might order a few x-rays from different angles to ensure that a complete view is obtained.
  • CT Scan: A CT scan can be thought of as a three-dimensional x-ray. It is fast but requires a lot of radiation. A CT scan is often used if the doctor needs more detail than the x-rays can provide.
  • MRI: An MRI also produces a three-dimensional image but does not use any radiation. Unfortunately, it also takes a long time for the scanner to create its image. This presents a highly detailed picture that is useful for looking at other associated injuries.

With the help of these imaging scans, the doctor can make the right diagnosis. After this, the treatment can begin.

Watch YouTube Video: Fracture Femur Types – Everything You Need To Know – Dr. Nabil Ebraheim. Watch this short animated video of the different types of femur fractures.

Contacting a Femur Fracture Lawyer

A femur fracture is a severe injury that could require surgery to repair. When a loved one needs surgery for an injury suffered in an auto accident, families are going to have questions. For help answering these questions, families should reach out to a compassionate Femur Fracture Lawyer in Sacramento. A few of the resources that a compassionate injury lawyer could share include:

  • Having an experienced professional who can review the records of the accident and help families make decisions that will assist in their recovery
  • Assisting families in filing for damages related to the accident, the injury, and any complications that might arise
  • Negotiating benefits with various financial institutions to ensure that everything is paid out on time
  • Shifting a case to trial when required

Finally, families need to remember that professional assistance is always available. Reach out and ask for help from a Sacramento Femur Fracture Lawyer. You and your family may be owed a substantial financial reward.

Femur Fracture Lawyers in Sacramento

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