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December 02, 2022
Edward Smith

Fatal San Luis Obispo Pedestrian Crash

A former football coach for a Modesto area high school and his girlfriend recently suffered fatal injuries in a pedestrian crash in San Luis Obispo. According to officials, the couple was struck by a vehicle while out walking their dog.

Details on the Fatal Pedestrian Crash in San Luis Obispo

On the evening of Monday, November 21, 2022, the San Luis Obispo Police Department responded to a call of a solo car collision along the 3400 block of Sacramento Drive. A preliminary report by officials indicated that the car allegedly struck a curb, street signage, and bridge over a small creek. The vehicle was removed from the scene with a tow truck, and the driver was not suspected of DUI.

San Luis Obispo PD investigated a report of a deceased dog in the creek bed close to the crash scene the next day. Plans were in place to transfer the dead dog to animal control since the owners could not be reached. The family of 36-year-old Jennifer Besser and 39-year-old Matthew Chachere, both from San Luis Obispo, filed missing person reports on the night of November 22nd. San Luis PD officers returned to the scene and located the couple in the creek bed.

On Monday, November 21, 2022, officials suspect a driver, a 24-year-old man, crashed into the couple while walking their dog. They also believe that excessive speed played a contributing factor in the incident. Authorities also indicated that the driver has been cooperating in the investigation. Criminal charges are pending due to an ongoing investigation that will be determined by findings and evidence.

News outlets reported that Chachere and Besser moved to San Luis Obispo in the summer and worked together at a local winery. Chachere was a former linebacker for Cal Poly and a former football coach for Grace M. Davis High School in Modesto.

Watch YouTube Video: Couple and Dog Found Dead in San Luis Obispo, by KMPH FOX26 NEWS

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