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May 23, 2023
Edward Smith

Fatal Hit-and-Run Bicycle Crash in Oakland

A bicycle crash caused by a hit-and-run driver caused fatal injuries to an Oakland man on May 17, 2023. The incident occurred at approximately 10:00 p.m. at D Street and 98th Avenue, close to the decedent’s home in East Oakland, officials said.

Details on the Fatal Hit-and-Run Bicycle Crash in East Oakland

According to family members, Carlos Smith, 50, of Oakland, was riding his bicycle at the time of the incident and was on his way to the store to buy pet food. The store was close to Mr. Smith’s residence in East Oakland, and he never made it home from his trip to the store to purchase food for their three kittens and two cats, his family said.

The Oakland Police Department indicated in a preliminary release that a cyclist was hit by a car at the intersection of D Street and 98th Avenue. Officials have not yet released information on the make or model of the suspect vehicle. Sadly, Mr. Smith succumbed to injuries at the hospital. His family is searching for answers and is hoping that those with information on the suspect driver will come forward.

Importance of Retaining Legal Counsel After a Fatal Hit-and-Run Accident

The loss of a loved one in a hit-and-run bicycle accident may leave a family in immense pain and with many unanswered questions. If the suspect party has not yet been identified by law enforcement, it may add significant stress to an already challenging ordeal. Survivors facing such a situation may benefit from retaining legal counsel immediately following the incident. An attorney will have the resources to track down the suspect party by working with a private investigator. In the meantime, the lawyer will determine if there are other sources of recovery for a hit-and-run, like uninsured motorist coverage.

A skilled California wrongful death lawyer will investigate the incident, collect evidence, and build the strongest case possible for justice and full financial recovery. The investigation of a fatal accident generally involves a thorough analysis of the facts and circumstances of the case, collecting all documentation, and consulting with expert witnesses, such as medical experts and forensic economists. An attorney’s goal is to establish that another party was liable for the fatal incident and that surviving family members suffered an immense loss and damages due to that party’s negligence.

When survivors retain legal counsel for a wrongful death bicycle accident case, they do not have to be concerned about the legal process on top of coping with grief and loss. They can depend on their lawyer to ensure that their rights will be protected and all aspects of their case are handled appropriately throughout the entire process. When your family works with our legal team at AutoAccident.com, we will stand by your side, provide support, and leave no stone unturned for a favorable resolution in your case. For additional details about our services, watch this video or set up a free case evaluation today.

Wrongful Death Lawyer in Oakland

Taking legal action for a fatal hit-and-run bicycle accident may be challenging and leave you and your family with many concerns. Consider answers from a skilled California wrongful death lawyer serving Oakland to help you make a well-informed decision in your case. An experienced attorney is familiar with the wrongful death claims process and will know the best way to proceed in obtaining justice and full compensation for your family. Fortunately, you do not have to look far for a skilled and compassionate lawyer. Our legal team at AutoAccident.com is here to help you and your family through this trying time.

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