Two Killed, Three Injured in Head-On Collision on La Grange Road

Fatal Head-On Collision on La Grange Road

Officers with the California Highway Patrol (CHP) reported a fatal head-on collision on La Grange Road on Saturday, January 29, 2022. The incident was reported at 12:07 a.m. on La Grange Road just north of Old La Grange Road and involved two vehicles.

Details on the Fatal Head-On Collision on La Grange Road

A preliminary report by officials revealed that a 2021 Kia was headed northbound on La Grange Road while a southbound 2017 Acura RDX was approaching the Kia. For reasons not yet known, the Kia driver reportedly entered the oncoming traffic lane, and the Acura driver did not have enough time to make a maneuver to avoid the Kia. This resulted in a head-on collision between both vehicles.

The Acura driver was transported to Memorial Medical Center in Modesto for treatment of injuries described as minor. The two passengers of the Acura, a 58-year-old and a 61-year-old, both identified as Winton residents, also sustained minor injuries and were treated at Doctors Medical Center in Modesto.

Sadly, the Kia driver and their passenger were declared deceased at the scene of the head-on collision. The Stanislaus County Coroner’s Office has recently identified the decedents as 41-year-old Tarie Barton and 50-year-old Thomas Rodriguez, both residents of Merced. Additional information on the fatal car accident in La Grange has not yet been released by CHP traffic officers as an investigation into the incident is ongoing.

Motor Vehicle Accidents and Insurance Claims

A head-on collision has the potential to cause some of the most catastrophic injuries on the spectrum. In some extreme cases, they may result in fatal consequences. In either of these situations, it is essential for an injured party or a family of a decedent to understand that they may have the right to take legal action against the driver responsible for the incident through a civil case. For surviving family members, this is possible through a wrongful death claim filed against the at-fault party and their insurance company. Conversely, injured parties may have the grounds to bring a bodily injury claim against the negligent driver and their insurer.

There are some factors that may limit financial recovery for claimants, such as the amount of bodily injury liability coverage available. When it has been determined that one driver is liable for a head-on collision resulting in injury and death to multiple parties, the limits of their liability coverage must be allocated among all claimants. Considering that a loss of life occurred, this may place claimants in a financial predicament. Given the circumstances, claimants may turn to their uninsured and underinsured motorist (UM and UIM) for recourse. The UM coverage may come into play when there is proof that the at-fault party did not carry liability insurance at the time of the car accident. Conversely, a claim may be brought under UIM coverage if the other side has insurance but not enough to cover damages incurred. Both UM and UIM work to provide protection to drivers and passengers involved in a traffic collision up to the limits of the insurance plan.

It is essential to note that even though a UM or UIM claim will be made with your insurance company, that does not necessarily mean that they will be on your side when it comes to providing the compensation you and your family need to move forward from the situation. That is because insurers are in the business of protecting their profit margins and often accomplish this by devaluing or outright denying claims. Most of the time claimants may not even know that their insurer will operate in this manner until it is too late. That is why it is essential to retain legal counsel after a head-on collision resulting in bodily injury or death. For information on how to select the best Modesto car accident lawyer to represent you and your family, watch this video.

How Our Law Firm Can Help You and Your Family

The accident attorneys at our law firm want you and your family to focus on recovering and moving forward from your situation. It is essential to ensure that your rights and interests are protected throughout the claims process, and our team of injury lawyers can help with that. We understand how stressful this time may be for you and your loved ones and would like to help take the burden off your shoulders as we handle all aspects of your civil case. This will provide you with the time you need to get your life back on track after suffering serious injuries or losing someone you love. Get started today by calling our legal team to schedule a free consultation with one of our compassionate and dedicated Modesto wrongful death attorneys.

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