Fatal Head-On Crash on Avenue 7 ½ Near Firebaugh in Madera County

Fatal Head-On Collision on Avenue 7 1/2

Officials reported a fatal head-on collision on Avenue 7 1/2 in rural Madera County on Monday, March 28, 2022. The incident took place on Avenue 7 ½ near Firebaugh Boulevard at approximately 5:00 p.m. and involved three vehicles described as a Nissan Frontier, Toyota Venza, and Toyota Sequoia.

Details on the Fatal Head-On Collision on Avenue 7 1/2

The California Highway Patrol (CHP) responded to the report of the three-vehicle crash. A preliminary investigation revealed that the Toyota Venza was involved in a broadside accident with the Nissan. The Toyota Sequoia was involved in a head-on collision with the Nissan moments after the initial crash.

The driver of the Toyota Sequoia, a 43-year-old Fresno resident, was treated at Madera Community Hospital for injuries described as minor, according to CHP traffic officers. It was unclear whether the driver of the Toyota Venza, a 43-year-old Lemoore resident, was also hospitalized for accident-related injuries. Sadly, the Nissan driver, an 89-year-old Firebaugh man, succumbed to their injuries at the scene. His name has been withheld by authorities because of pending family notification.

What Surviving Family Members Should Know About Wrongful Death Claims

Coming to terms with the sudden loss of a close relative is a challenging and overwhelming process. Nothing may undo the pain from the loss and replace the loved one that you cared about, shared life with, and depended on for companionship and protection. However, if the loss occurred because of an accident caused by the negligence of another party or entity, accepting it will never be easy and often leaves lasting grief from the anger and frustration that the incident was preventable. In such cases, survivors may have the grounds to hold the other side accountable for their actions through a wrongful death action. This type of case is intended to make surviving family members whole again in the form of financial compensation that considers economic and non-economic damages incurred. This may include costs of treatment related to the final injury (recoverable through a survival action), expenses for funeral services, loss of financial support, lost companionship, mental anguish, and more.

Every wrongful death case involves unique facts and circumstances that require a comprehensive investigation. That is because the other side may not always be fair when it comes to compensating survivors for the undue harm that was caused. It is not uncommon for the insurance company to make the legal process challenging for surviving family members as a way of getting out of paying a claim. When a family turns to an accident attorney for assistance, they can depend on their lawyer to consult with expert witnesses such as grief counselors, economists, accident reconstruction experts, and other specialists to prepare a case to present in insurance negotiations or in a trial if that becomes necessary. Selecting the right attorney to handle your fatal car accident case may be challenging as there are many to choose from in Madera County and across the golden state. Fortunately, the video below provides a summary of what to look for in the best lawyer to handle your wrongful death claim.

Is There a Time Limit on Fatal Car Accident Cases in California?

A statute of limitations is in place for the filing of wrongful death claims under California law. This means that surviving family members have a specified amount of time for filing a case in civil court if they are unable to reach a mutual settlement agreement with the other side. Under the California Code of Civil Procedure Section 335.1, survivors generally have two years from the date of loss to file. In some rare circumstances, the deadline may be shortened to 180 days in those cases involving public agencies. Failure to adhere to the statute of limitations applicable to the matter may result in the forfeiture of the right to seek justice and compensation. Protect your right to fair compensation by hiring an experienced Madera car accident lawyer.

Wrongful Death Attorney in Madera

I’m Ed Smith, a Madera wrongful death attorney. After a fatal car accident, families of decedents face a wide array of challenges. Their focus should be on grieving and rebuilding their lives, not dealing with difficult defense counsel and insurance companies looking to take advantage of them and their vulnerable situation. If you have lost a loved one in a crash caused by the fault of another party or entity, your family can depend on our legal team to obtain the justice and compensation you all deserve. Call now to learn more and receive free, friendly case advice at (559) 377-7676 or (800) 404-5400.

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