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Fatal Crash in Fair Oaks Involves Speeding 

Fatality Accident on Hazel Avenue Shuts Off Power and Water

A fatal crash occurred in Fair Oaks on November 30 after the driver lost control. The accident happened during the night when the driver was reported by witnesses as speeding along Hazel Avenue northbound. According to the California Highway Patrol (CHP) report, the driver lost control of their vehicle, destroyed a 4-inch water main, and then went airborne. 

Vehicle Lands on City Power Boxes, Knocking Out the Electric

The car ended up on top of two power boxes for the Sacramento Municipal Utility District. The water from the broken main flooded the lanes heading northbound along Hazel Avenue close to Madison Avenue. A number of people reported losing power due to the fatal crash. Those who live in an apartment complex close to the crash site were reported without water. 

Further Information About the Fatal Crash

The accident is being investigated by the CHP to determine exactly how it happened. It is unknown at this time whether alcohol or drugs was a factor in the accident. The name of the deceased will not be released until the family has been notified.

Single-Vehicle Accident Causes

Most accidents that involve one vehicle are caused by driver error. They may include speeding, distracted or drunk driving, undue fatigue, and other causes. However, some accidents happen because of an outside influence, such as:

  • Auto defects: Faulty brakes, a blown tire, sticking accelerator, and other mechanical problems can lead to a fatal crash. If the accident was caused by a defective part, the family may file for compensation through a product liability lawsuit against the manufacturer.
  • Road damage: If a government entity is negligent in keeping the roadways free of potholes, overhanging limbs, and other dangers, they may be liable for injuries or a fatal crash.
  • Hit-and-run driver: More and more accidents involve hit-and-run drivers, who strike another vehicle and then flee the scene. By examining the evidence in the case, it may be discovered whether another driver caused the fatal crash.

Losing a Loved One

There is nothing harder in life than losing someone you love in a car accident. It is more difficult because it is unexpected and often violent. Families are left in a void filled with grief and the need to understand why it happened. 

Under such circumstances, family members need the help close friends and relatives can provide. Some ways you can help are:

  • Call the family and express your sympathy and concern. This will let the family know they are not alone in this time of grief.
  • Offer to do necessary chores around the home. This can include walking the dog and picking and dropping children off at school.
  • Many surviving family members need groceries and prescriptions from the pharmacy. Offer to pick them up.
  • Let the family know that you will gladly accompany them as they make end-of-life arrangements. This is very difficult for a grieving family member.
  • Don’t disappear after the funeral is concluded. It is hard to come home to an empty home.

Investigating a Fatal Crash

Our firm considers an investigation after an accident a priority. We send our investigative team to the accident site to speak with witnesses, review police reports for mistakes and obtain videos of the crash. Our investigators also examine the vehicle and road conditions. Once all the evidence is acquired, our lawyers use it to build a strong case for our client.

Fair Oaks Wrongful Death Lawyer

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