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Fatal Collisions in Napa

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December 01, 2017
Edward Smith

Fatal Collisions in Napa
Fatal Collisions in Napa

I’m Ed Smith, a Napa wrongful death lawyer. Napa is one of California’s most prized cities as well as a world-class wine culture destination. However, these facts don’t eliminate the possibility of fatal automobile collisions. If you frequently drive on Napa City roads, you may be interested in the statistics and recent accident reviews included below.


Research data gathered by UC Berkeley researchers indicates that, in the seven-year gap between the beginning of 2010 and the end of 2016, Napa City was the site of 1854 injury-causing traffic collisions. These accidents included 182 pedestrian collisions, 194 bicycle collisions, 109 motorcycle collisions, and 1369 regular passenger vehicle collisions.

Out of these accidents, 10 were fatal. This means that .54 percent of injuries sustained in Napa City car accidents result in fatalities. Additionally, during the last three years of the time period in question, the fatality rate dropped to .36 percent with only two fatal accidents occurring within city limits.

In Comparison

Across Napa County, there were 4863 accidents during 2010-2016 and 72 of them involved fatalities, accounting for 1.48 percent of all injury-related auto collisions in the County. When the accidents in Napa City are removed from the equation, the fatality rate for injury collisions in Napa County rises to approximately 2.23 percent.

This data shows that accidents that result in traumatic injuries in Napa County are more than four times as likely to result in fatal injuries if they occur outside of the limits of Napa City proper.

Motorcycle Fatalities

Out of 109 motorcycle collisions that occurred in Napa City over the past seven years, only one resulted in a fatality. The accident took place in 2012 at Seminary and Vallejo Streets and involved a driver under the influence of alcohol.

Countywide, 10 out of 288 motorcycle accident injuries were fatal and 2 involved DUI.

Recent Fatal Accidents

Although there haven’t been any fatal accidents within city limits in recent months, the county has seen a few. One such accident occurred on Wednesday, October 25, 2017, when a Lake County woman lost control of her vehicle and collided with a dirt embankment on Petrified Forest Road near Calistoga. The woman was the only individual involved in the accident and lost her life at the scene of the crash despite life-saving attempts by medical responders.

Another recent fatal Napa County collision occurred on Tuesday, October 17, 2017, during the Napa County wildfires. A volunteer fireman from Missouri who had been assisting in combating the fires lost his life after failing to navigate a water tanker down a notoriously steep road in rural Napa County.

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