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April 23, 2019
Edward Smith

Fatal Collision Due to Drunk Driver in South Sacramento

A fatal collision at the intersection of Franklin Boulevard and Idaho Drive in South Sacramento left a father dead and two members of his family injured. The accident happened at 8:54 p.m. on Saturday, April 20. Upon arrival, the Sacramento Police discovered a Cadillac CTS with three occupants and a Toyota FJ Cruiser with a single driver. The driver of the Cadillac died at the scene. I would like to offer my condolences to the family and friends of the decedent in their time of grief.

Details of  the Fatal Collision

The Toyota Cruiser was going south on Franklin Boulevard when it veered into the northbound lane and hit the Cadillac. The Toyota driver, Allen Vang, 35, was allegedly inebriated when the crash occurred. Vang was charged with felony driving under the influence after being taken to a local hospital for medical clearance. Vang was booked into jail in Sacramento County on a bail of $50,000. As of this time, the investigation into the accident continues. Police with the Sacramento Major Collision Unit asked if anyone saw the accident to call them at 916-808-5471 with additional information.

Family Torn Apart in Fatal Collision

The occupants of the Cadillac included a father, who was driving, a mother and a small child. A witness to the accident, Jacob Phonesavanh, stopped to help. He said the father was pinned in the driver’s seat and despite his efforts could not be moved. The woman was screaming to help get him out. Once emergency responders arrived, the man was extricated and pronounced dead at the site. The mother and her child were injured and taken to a local hospital for evaluation and treatment. According to reports, they suffered minor injuries and were expected to recover.  

Drunk Driving

Approximately one person dies in a drunk driving accident every 48 minutes in the United States. Overall, 10,874 people are involved in a fatal collision due to a drunk driver annually. Roughly 17 percent of children who die in roadway accidents are killed by a drunk driver. In studies, 111 million drivers reported that they have driven drunk. However, only 1.1 million were ever arrested. Drugs are also becoming a factor in fatal collisions. To date, about 16 percent of the fatal collisions due to drunk driving involve drugs. Chief among them is marijuana, which is a factor in 13 percent of accidents at night and on the weekend.

Risk in Drunk Driving Fatal Collisions

Younger drivers are most at risk of drunk driving accidents. In 2016, 30 percent of drivers involved in fatal collisions due to driving under the influence were in the 24 to 34 age bracket. Drivers who have had a DUI conviction in the past were 4.5 times more likely to be in another drunk driving accident.

Effects of Alcohol

Alcohol can affect drivers in small ways even before the 0.08 blood alcohol concentration (BAC) is reached. For instance, at 0.02 percent, the ability to make valid judgments is somewhat lost. The person may feel warm and relaxed. There is a mild decline in tracking a moving object, and they are somewhat unable to multitask. By the time the person’s blood measures 0.05 percent of alcohol, their behavior becomes exaggerated. They also begin to lose some measure of small muscle dexterity. Their coordination is also affected and steering is difficult. In addition, their response time is decreased.

By the time the driver reaches a BAC level of 0.08 percent, their short term memory is affected. They find it difficult to control speed and concentration is hard to maintain. Processing information is also difficult, and their perception is impaired. Once the driver reaches a 0.10 percent BAC level, their speech is slurred, their coordination is severely affected and concentration is deteriorated. They find it almost impossible to maintain their lane. Braking is a problem too.

Sacramento Car Accident Lawyer

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