Fatal Antioch Motorcycle Accident


Fatal Antioch Motorcycle Accident Injures Second Person

I’m Ed Smith, an Antioch motorcycle accident lawyer. A weekend motorcycle accident killed a local Antioch man and severely injured his passenger, once again showing the additional dangers faced by motorcyclists.

What Happened?

On 20 May at approximately 1:45 p.m., a motorcycle carrying two people struck a utility pole on Wilbur Avenue near Viera Avenue. Both victims were ejected from the bike and came to rest in the nearby ditch.

The Contra Costa County Fire Department, American Medical Response (AMR), and the Antioch Police Department all quickly responded to the scene. Both the male driver and the female passenger were transported to the hospital by AMR ambulance.

Condition of Both Victims

The 68-year-old male driver was in critical condition at the scene of the accident. Sadly, he was declared dead upon arrival at the hospital. The second victim, a 66-year-old female, was also in critical condition at the scene of the accident. She survived the trip to the nearby John Muir Medical Center in Walnut Creek where she remains in critical condition having suffered traumatic injuries in the crash.

Cause of the Fatal Antioch Motorcycle Accident

The cause of the accident is unknown. The police do not believe drugs or alcohol played a role. The Antioch Police Department is seeking witnesses to the accident in order to determine what happened. If you were in the area and witnessed the accident you are encouraged to call the Antioch Police Department.

Potential Causes of the Accident

As there are no witnesses to the accident and the female passenger has yet to wake up, any cause of the accident is pure speculation. Upon hearing of the accident, several Pittsburg residents told reporters they believe the motorcycle was speeding. Speeding on residential streets like Wilbur Avenue is common and a recurring problem for locals.

However, our experience, as Antioch motorcycle accident lawyers, has taught us that accidents rarely have one cause. Even when speed is not involved, many motorcycle accidents are caused by distracted auto drivers or drivers that simply do not see the motorcycle. In either case, these drivers may not see a motorcycle until it is too late, forcing the motorcyclist to swerve. In some cases, these responsible drivers may not even notice they caused an accident.

How a Personal Injury Attorney Can Help You

In cases where the cause of an accident is difficult to determine, Antioch personal injury lawyers can help determine who is liable and ensure victims receive appropriate compensation. Personal injury attorneys can hire accident reconstruction experts. These experts can examine the skid marks and other details from the accident to determine what happened.

Investigators hired by personal injury lawyers can also find video footage of the motorcycle before the accident and even witnesses to the accidents in some cases.

Both of these efforts help victims and their families by revealing what really happened and who may be responsible.

About Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle accidents are some of the most serious accidents on the roadways. Motorcyclists and their passengers do not have the same protection as other motorists, leaving them especially vulnerable to serious and even fatal injuries in accidents.

Even in comparatively minor motorcycle accidents, victims often sustain head injuries and other traumatic injuries. Protective gear helps reduce these injuries, but, unfortunately, it is not always sufficient to save the cyclist’s life.

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