Fatal Accident Near Yuba City Kills Olivehurst Man

Olivehurst Man Killed in Fatal Accident on S.R. 65

A deadly accident was reported southeast of Yuba City on January 13 that claimed the life of an Olivehurst man. The collision occurred around 2:26 p.m. along southbound State Route 65 just north of Oakley Lane. It was reported by the California Highway Patrol (CHP) that the Olivehurst man, age 32, lost control of his Honda while going north and crossed over into the opposing lane. 

Female Driver Suffers Major Injuries in Fatality Accident

A female driver, age 55, was in her Subaru heading south when her vehicle struck the Honda. The CHP determined the Honda driver had been driving at an unsafe speed when he lost control and died at the accident scene. The driver of the Subaru suffered broken ribs and femur in the collision and was transported to a hospital for treatment. 

Accident Being Investigated to Determine Cause

Drunk driving did not appear to factor into the cause of the crash, according to officials. Both lanes of the highway were blocked by the collision, and motorists were advised to take Rancho Road to bypass the closure while the site was cleared and an investigation conducted.

Investigation of an Injury and Fatality Accident

Obtaining evidence to support a personal injury or wrongful death claim requires investigating the at-fault driver. Our investigators gather that proof by taking the following steps:

  • By reconstructing the accident, we can determine how and where the vehicles collided. A traffic accident diagram shows the placement of vehicles before, during and after the crash. This kind of investigative technique can illustrate which driver was at fault for the accident and is used both by insurance companies and civil courts.
  • Reviewing the police report carefully will ensure that mistakes are not affecting the client’s compensation claim. Corrections can be made if necessary.
  • The investigation examines the causes of the collision by interviewing witnesses for corroborating statements. Cell phones may have been used by some people to record the accident, which can provide additional evidence in the case.
  • In order to find out whether video evidence of the accident exists in the area, traffic cameras need to be inspected. If recordings of the accident exist, a subpoena can be served.

Recovery of Compensation

If the injured party is placing a personal injury claim, they may recover lost wages, all the outlay of expenses for their medical care and compensation for their pain and suffering. If a loved one is lost in a fatality accident, family members or the estate representative may be able to file a wrongful death claim. Under this type of claim, the family can recover funeral and burial expenses, lost wages until the decedent’s retirement age and additional compensation. 

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