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Fatal Accident in Sacramento on Fruitridge Road

Pedestrian Killed in Sacramento Accident

A fatal accident occurred in the southern part of Sacramento on July 13 when a vehicle struck a pedestrian. The accident occurred in the area of Lemon Hill along eastbound Fruitridge Road at Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard. The driver involved in the fatal accident remained at the scene and was cooperating with Sacramento Police Department officers who were investigating the incident. 

According to a report on the fatality, the driver said the pedestrian was running across the street in the dark, and they did not see her. Investigators are actively trying to confirm the driver’s statement. No information has been released on the identity of the deceased woman pending notification of the family by the Coroner’s Office. 

Helping the Family After a Fatal Accident

Family life is quickly thrown apart after a fatal accident. Aside from grief, family members are often unable to handle the rigors of daily life. Here are a few ways you can help:

  • Visit the family and give them a chance to discuss their loss. 
  • Bring prepared food that can easily be warmed up.
  • Offer to go shopping or pick up medical prescriptions at the pharmacy.
  • Pick up or take children to school.
  • Offer to accompany them to make arrangements for the funeral.

Pedestrian Accidents

The number of fatal pedestrian accidents has risen dramatically in the past decade. This may be due in part to the number of pedestrians, many of whom are walking for health benefits, as well as the increase in motorists. However, there are other reasons for the rising number of pedestrian fatalities:

  • Distracted drivers: The use of cell phones for conversations, interacting on social media, or texting is at an all-time high. This lack of focus on the road leads to many accidents and has quickly become the leading cause of pedestrian death on the road. 
  • Reckless drivers: More and more drivers are engaging in reckless behavior on the road. One of these behaviors involves speeding. This is a major factor in the number of serious pedestrian injuries and deaths. Studies show that when a pedestrian is struck by a slow-moving vehicle, the risk of significant injury or death is low. However, by the time the vehicle reaches a speed of 31 mph, the risk of severe injury is 50 percent. At 46 mph, that risk increases to 91 percent. Many cities have lowered their street speed to accommodate this factor.
  • Vulnerable walkers: Some pedestrians are at a greater risk than others. With an increasingly active elderly population, this risk is amplified. Older pedestrians may not be able to cross the street as quickly as younger ones. Government agencies are charged with determining the composition of walkers in certain areas and adjust timing devices on crosswalks. If a pedestrian is killed because the timer is not set correctly, the government agency in charge can be held responsible for their death, and a wrongful death lawsuit can be filed. 

Vulnerable Pedestrians

Certain segments of the population are too young to cross at the same speed as adults. A parent or other caregiver should be present for very young children when they are walking. 

The disabled are another segment of the pedestrian population who are unable to cross at the same speed as others. In addition, many pedestrians who use mobility devices are forced to move into the road. Here, they are at a greater risk for a fatal accident.

Losing a Loved One in a Pedestrian Accident

The family of the deceased not only grieves their loss after a fatal accident occurs, but many demand justice for a loved one killed by negligence. This can take the form of a wrongful death lawsuit against the at-fault driver. While nothing will bring back the love and closeness the family shared with the decedent, such a claim will help cover end-of-life costs. It will also help cover the monetary support the deceased provided to the family. It is important to discuss the possibility of filing a wrongful death lawsuit with an experienced Sacramento attorney.

Investigating a Pedestrian Fatal Accident

Just as with other types of accidents, it is necessary to gather evidence. Our firm uses the following protocol:

  • Our investigators speak to witnesses
  • Obtain video footage of the fatal accident
  • Review police reports for mistakes
  • Use accident reconstruction techniques to determine liability

Once all evidence is gathered, it is given to our legal team to use when building a strong case against the at-fault driver.

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