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Fairfield Truck Accident Causes Chemical Spill

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July 19, 2019
Edward Smith

Fairfield Truck Accident Causes Chemical Spill

On Friday, July 12, 2019, an auto accident involving a large commercial truck caused a chemical spill in Fairfield. The accident happened at a major intersection on the south side of the city and involved two vehicles, including a large truck carrying heavy equipment. Thankfully, no injuries resulting from this auto accident have been reported, and authorities stated that the collision did not pose any threat to the environment or private property.

Crash Details

Fairfield Police Department (FPD) reported that the accident happened at around 1:30 p.m. at the intersection of Beck Avenue and Texas Street. According to police, a vehicle struck a semi-truck and caused one of its two fuel tanks to split open. As a result of the accident, around 140 gallons of diesel gasoline was spilled out onto the roadway.

Firefighters were called to the accident scene to deal with the hazardous spill. At first, responders tried to plug the leaking fuel tank but were unable to stop the flow of gasoline. However, the leak could not be stopped. Firefighters were reportedly able to prevent gas from entering a nearby storm drain by blocking it off with absorbent material. The collision site was closed to traffic while workers cleaned the roadway and reopened a few hours later.

Trucking Accident

While this accident may not have caused any physical injuries, the risk of trauma in accidents involving commercial trucks is high. These vehicles are typically the largest, heaviest objects on the road and often weigh over 40 tons. Because of their massive size, these vehicles can cause major damages even in low-speed crashes. Additionally, the size and weight of semi-trucks make it difficult for drivers to stop suddenly or maneuver around obstacles, making the risk of accidents even higher.

The companies that own and operate these vehicles are well aware of these risks and consider them simply a part of doing business. For this reason, companies typically have legal teams ready to respond to accidents immediately. Large trucking companies will usually send out a team to accident sites in order to conduct their own investigations by gathering evidence and taking statements from witnesses. By doing this, companies are often able to defend themselves from financial responsibility for accidents.

Calling an Attorney

If you were injured in an accident involving a big-rig, it’s important to get in touch with a local truck crash lawyer right away. The sooner that a lawyer can start working on your case, the more effectively they can prevent companies from disclaiming responsibility. Through pursuing a personal injury claim, crash survivors and their families can claim compensation for losses related to their accident. Recoverable damages are various and depend on the specifics of your case. However, many are able to claim payments for medical expenses as well as lost income and emotional suffering. To learn more about recovering the payment you deserve after an accident, speak with an experienced truck crash lawyer in your area.

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