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Rockville Hills Regional Park

Rockville Hills Regional Park in Fairfield, California, is home to over 30 miles of trails, bike tracks, and picnic areas.  It is a perfect place to enjoy fresh air and exercise while maintaining physical distancing.  The park spans more than 600 acres of oak woodlands and grasslands. The park is open year-round, sunrise to sunset.  Trails include the Lake Trail Loop, which is a 4.5-mile loop that is rated by Alltrails as moderately challenging. It has an elevation gain of 665 feet.  The Rockville Loop is a heavily-trafficked trail of 1.7 miles and is rated as easy.  In addition to hiking, running, mountain biking, and picnicking, the park has group campsites available.  

The Chaparral Habitat

Approximately 80 acres of the Park is comprised of Chaparral habitat.  This ecosystem hosts reptiles and wildflowers in addition to the shrubs and grasses commonly thought of in association with the word “chaparral.”  The dense shrubs and other plants provide homes and camouflage for reptiles, snakes, lizards, birds, and mammals.  

Chaparral is a fire ecosystem, which means if left to its own devices, it burns on a regular basis to remain healthy and sustain itself.  Chaparral plants regenerate after a fire, and without fire control measures, they burn approximately every ten years.  Even though chaparral depends on fire “rebirth” for its sustainability, the Park’s chaparral is managed by fire suppression, given the danger of allowing the plants to burn.  One way the chaparral’s fuel load is reduced (which results in less fire risk) is by using goats and/or sheep to graze in the area over a period of several weeks.  Fencing is employed to direct the goats to different grazing areas, in order to prevent overgrazing of the fragile chaparral flora.

How to Get There

From Westbound 80: 

Use the Rockville Road exit and go straight through the traffic signal, which gets you to Oliver Road. Turn right at the next light onto Rockville Road, and continue to the turnabout, at which you will proceed straight, remaining on Rockville Road.  Continue through the intersection with Suisun Valley. About ¾ mile down, you will see a parking lot enclosed by a chain-link fence on the left-hand side.  

Entrance Fees

There are two entrances to the Park and day passes can be purchased at either.  While the entrances may not be manned, Park Rangers can issue citations if they ask to see your pass and you do not have one, so spring for the $3 and keep your pass with you.  Fees help support the management of Rockville Hills Regional Park. Dogs are permitted for a separate fee and must stay on the trails and be kept on a leash at all times.

Day use fees are $3 per person and $1 per dog.  There are also group day fees (1-5 people for $15; 6-10 people for $30).  Six-month passes are also available for purchase.

Park Rules

The following activities and items are not allowed within the park:

  • Motorized vehicles
  • Hunting
  • Firearms
  • Slingshots and archery equipment
  • Swimming
  • Horses
  • Removal from the park of plants, wildlife, rocks, or artifacts
  • Smoking

Below is a video featuring a Rockville Hills park ranger, explaining some of the parks’ features.

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