Multiple Vehicle Crash in Fairfield

Fairfield Multiple Vehicle Crash

Fairfield Multiple Vehicle Crash

Hi, I’m Ed Smith, a Fairfield auto accident attorney. On Friday, November 26, 2016, a crash involving multiple cars occurred in Fairfield on the westbound portion of Interstate 80. This caused a serious traffic jam for motorists. The traffic was slow even after the damaged vehicles were removed from the road. The collision took place on the edge of Fairfield, just outside of the truck weighing station on the westernmost side of the city.

What Happened?

The exact amount of vehicles involved in the collision, as well as which involved driver might be at fault for the accident, is presently unclear. This is due to conflicting reports from several sources, including the drivers of the vehicles involved in the crash as well as witnesses who had been driving just behind the colliding cars at the time of the accident. What is known, from reports issued from California Highway Patrol, is that the collision involved at least four vehicles with varying degrees of serious damage, all requiring the use of tow trucks to be removed from the road so that traffic could be freed up.

California Highway Patrol Investigation

The California Highway Patrol also reported that the collision had apparently initially been caused by two small sedans and a white Cadillac Escalade. The CHP indicated that the pile-up seemed to have been centered around these vehicles after they collided and blocked cars driving in the two lanes furthest to the left of the 5-lane section of highway.

Damage Done and Emergency Response

Although there was significant damage done to multiple vehicles as a result of the collision, and many commuting that day on westbound Interstate 80 were seriously delayed for quite some time, no major injuries were reported as a result of the incident. However, to insure the safety of motorists involved in the collision, four ambulances were sent to tend to minor injuries as well as screen for major injuries that the drivers and passengers involved may have sustained and been unaware of. It is always a wise idea to seek immediate medical treatment after a traffic collision. The CHP reported that the Fairfield Fire Department was also called in to respond to the accident after there were reports that one of the vehicles was seen leaking gasoline onto the street, a dangerous fire hazard that could have led to more injuries.

Common Car Crash Injuries

Injuries that can be sustained in accidents like this are numerous. They include, but are certainly not limited to, spinal cord injuries, cervical sprain injuries and spine fractures, connective (soft) tissue injuries, brain injuries, open wounds, and hemorrhaging. Cervical sprain (whiplash), in particular, is an extremely common injury in those involved in a car accident. It results from a sudden and aggressive back and forth motion of the head, leading to hyper-extension of the muscles and ligaments in the neck. The force from a car collision is likely to cause this sort of motion, putting more force on those ligaments and muscles than they can undergo. When cervical sprain injuries occur, symptoms can include stiff muscles, bulged cervical disks, headaches, and even a feeling of paralysis in the arms and fingers.

If you’ve suffered injuries due to a negligent driver seek medical attention right away. Do not assume that you are going to be okay. Once you have been evaluated and treated by an emergency physician, contact an experienced accident attorney. An experienced attorney will investigate the sequence of events leading up to the accident and determine fault. An attorney can begin to recover compensation for your injuries, property damage, lost wages and other incidentals. This way you can focus on the task of getting well.

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