Fairfield Highway Collision Injures Six

Highway 12 Blocked by Multiple Casualty Collision

Multiple people were injured in Fairfield in a highway collision on May 17 shortly before noon. The Fairfield Fire Department reported that the mass casualty accident happened on eastbound Highway 12 near Chadbourne Road. Six people were reported as injured in the collision, with one or more trapped inside their vehicle. 

Aerial footage taken of the accident site showed multiple vehicles scattered on the roadway, with one that had run down an embankment. All of the eastbound lanes were blocked by the multiple-vehicle collision, and motorists were advised to stay away from the area.

Multiple-Vehicle Accident in Fairfield and How to File for Compensation

When filing a personal injury claim following a multiple-vehicle accident, it is important to prove which driver/drivers were at fault. This is because, in a highway collision involving more than two vehicles, more than one driver may have been negligent. Injury lawyers investigate to determine liability as part of their job. Many claims for injury compensation have been successfully resolved with the assistance of our investigators, among other things:

  • Investigators with our firm examine the accident site in person to observe paint smears on the cars, debris dropped from the vehicles, and they take photographs of the accident site.
  • The investigators look for errors in the police report, and we speak to witnesses.
  • In the case of multiple-vehicle crashes, accident reconstruction shows how the vehicles were positioned, how they collided and where they ended up. Accident reconstruction evidence is often used by the insurance carrier as well as in a civil court action.
  • In order to determine if a collision was recorded on film, the area cameras are checked. If film footage is found, it can be subpoenaed to show proof of fault.
  • Various elements of government negligence are photographed if present, which may have influenced the highway collision, such as potholes, inadequate or incorrect signage, debris in the roadway and others. If government negligence is found, the injured party may place a claim against that entity. However, the time limit for filing a claim against a government entity is only six months and other deadlines apply, so seeking the assistance of an injury lawyer can help ensure that deadlines are met, and paperwork filled out correctly.

Types of Negligence That Can Contribute to a Multiple-Vehicle Highway 12 Collision 

When a multiple-vehicle accident happens, it’s usually because a driver has been negligent. A highway collision is primarily the result of negligence, including:

  • Drunk driving: It is still common for drunk drivers to cause accidents of all kinds. Although a drunk driver is dangerous when traveling on a city street, those dangers are multiplied when on a highway because an accident involving many cars can occur.
  • Distracted driving: Multiple-vehicle accidents are often caused by distracted driving, such as talking on a cellphone, texting, or changing the radio station.
  • Failure to yield: Failing to yield to another vehicle often results in an accident if the other motorist is trying to merge and runs out of room.
  • Fatigued driving: It is said that being fatigued while driving is comparable to being drunk while behind the wheel.
  • Speeding: An accident can occur when the driver is speeding because he or she cannot slow down to avoid the collision.

Accident Compensation

People injured in a crash may be able to recover compensation for their medical expenses, pain and suffering, as well as lost wages, by filing a claim against a negligent driver. We have helped countless residents of Fairfield with our team of injury attorneys. If you qualify for a claim, you can find out what options are open to you to recover damages during your free, no-obligation consultation.

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