Fairfield Fatality Accident Involves Big Rig

Car Crashes Into Big Rig on Huntington Drive

A fatality accident was reported in Fairfield on April 2 when a speeding vehicle crashed into the back of a big rig. The accident happened at the Huntington Drive intersection with Stanford Court around 2:30 in the morning, according to authorities with the Fairfield Fire Department. No details about the identity of the individual killed in the crash have yet been released. The accident is under investigation by authorities. 

Causes of a Single-Vehicle Fatality Accident

Most single-vehicle crashes are caused by driver error. Nevertheless, a single-vehicle fatality crash can occur in other ways so that a grieving family can make a claim for damages by filing a wrongful death lawsuit. The damages that can be recovered are funeral and burial expenses, lost wages, compensation for the surviving spouse and children and more. Some reasons such a claim can be made include:

  • Hit-and-run drivers: A hit-and-run driver leaving the scene after the collision can cause a single-vehicle fatality accident. Fleeing drivers have a variety of reasons for their actions. Frequently, hit-and-run drivers run from the scene because they are not insured or their licenses have expired. Other times, frightened individuals panic but often contact the police afterward. An injury lawyer can investigate an accident to find out who caused it and locate the responsible driver to hold them liable.
  • Government negligence: In an accident involving a single vehicle, government entities are liable for an injury or fatality accident caused by improper road maintenance. There is a possibility that potholes and debris on the highway can cause a single-vehicle crash or when traffic lights malfunction and overhead lighting is inadequate at night. Compared to other personal injury claims, however, a suit against a government entity is subject to a much shorter statute of limitations. A claim has to be filed within six months. A personal injury lawyer can prepare your claim and ensure that all deadlines are met. In addition, the lawyer can handle the negotiations for your claim to ensure you obtain the compensation that you deserve.
  • Auto product liability claims: A single vehicle may cause an accident due to mechanical problems that are caused by a defect. The maker and other members of the production process may be held liable for an injury or accident fatality caused by a defective part. Examples of defective parts include bad brakes, a frozen steering wheel that makes the driver lose control of their car and a stuck accelerator that doesn’t allow them to control their speed. After an accident, people are advised to keep their vehicles instead of having them destroyed. In this way, the vehicle can be examined for defects. When a defect is found to be the cause of an accident, you can file an auto product liability claim. In California, a product liability claim must be filed before the two-year statute of limitations has expired.

Lack of Conspicuity in a Commercial Truck Fatality Accident

At night, the sides of a truck are virtually invisible if reflective tape is not used to convey the size of the vehicle. This became an issue for the trucking industry in the 1960s when the use of reflective tape became widespread. In addition to the sides of the big rig, reflective tape can be used in the rear of the vehicle to let other drivers know that the truck ahead is stopped.

In the 1990s, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the Federal Highway Administration both issued rules that required reflective tape to be used on all trucks built after December 1994. Trucks built before this time were obligated to apply a reflective tape retrofit. 

To this day, some trucks do not employ this safety feature. The end result is that a passenger vehicle or even another truck might attempt to pass the big rig and slam into the vehicle’s side. It is crucial that investigators examine the big rig to see that reflective tape was used as mandated. If the tape is not utilized, a lawsuit can be filed against the trucking company or truck owner. 

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