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Fairfield 2018 Community Events

Fairfield Community Events
Fairfield Community Events

I’m Ed Smith, a Fairfield personal injury lawyer. Fairfield is one of the largest cities in Solano County and represents the gateway between the San Francisco Bay Area and the major agricultural area of the Sacramento Valley. Residents of the city enjoy a unique and lively atmosphere and the opportunity to take part in many vibrant, fun community events.

Some of the events taking place in Fairfield over the next few weeks are described in the following article.

Love Your Community

Fairfield and Solano County residents are invited to attend the Love Your Community Celebration taking place on February 15, 2018, at the Kroc Center in Suisun. The event will celebrate Solano County’s recent accomplishments including; establishing smoke-free housing, spaces, and parks, completing healthy community store makeovers, building water access pipelines for parks and schools, and much more.

Speakers will include introductions from Vice Chairwoman Erin Hannigan and Chairman John Vasquez of the Solano Board of Supervisors and a keynote speech from Suisun City Manager Suzanne Bragdon. Attendees will be served hors d’oevres and offered an opportunity to hear what other cities have done to improve their health. More information about the event can be found at this site.

LEGO Storykids

An after-school program at the Fairfield public library called LEGO Storykids encourages children to write using one of their favorite toys. By using Lego StoryStarters kits that the Fairfield Public Library bought with funds from a grant given by the group American Library Services to Children, children are able to tap into their creative potential in an exciting way.

Over four separate meetings, kids will be able to create a scene using LEGOs, upload the scene online, and make their own small comic book about the story they wrote. The meetings are for children in the first and second grade and class size is a maximum of 12 children. To learn more about dates and registration for the program, visit this website

Solano Sustainable Future Speaker Event

On Saturday, February 17, 2018, the city of Fairfield will be hosting a talk regarding the future of sustainability at the Dunnell Nature Park and Education Center. The Executive Director of Sustainable Solano, Elena Karoulina, will be talking about the future of Solano County’s food systems. Karoulina will also speak about ways to meaningfully engage the Solano community in initiatives that will help to support and grow a sustainable as well as socially and ecologically balanced community.

The event is free to the community and all community members who are interested in the future of the county’s sustainability projects are invited to attend. More information about time and location can be found here.

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