Fair Oaks Injury Accident

Fair Oaks Injury Accident

Fair Oaks Injury Accident

Fair Oaks Injury Accident – An injury accident caused by someone else’s negligence can happen in a number of ways. From car crashes to pedestrian accidents, the injured person faces mounting medical expenses, time that must be spent away from work and other costs. An experienced Fair Oaks personal injury lawyer can help recover those expenses either by negotiating with an insurance company or by taking the case to civil court. Although this won’t help with recovering from that injury, it offers financial peace of mind that the expenses due to the accident will be paid.

Fair Oaks Injury Accident Types

Although the most common cause of an injury accident is when someone is involved in a traffic collision, many other injuries are caused by negligence. While in some cases the negligent party may be an individual, in others, they may be caused by a government entity such as the city, county or state. Following are some of the more common types of  personal injuries:

  • Motorcycle collisions with a negligent driver can cause severe injuries. Accidents are common with a motor vehicle. In others, the government may be responsible due to potholes, upheavals in the pavement and debris in the road. In California, when a claim is placed against a government entity, the injured person must first file with that entity. If the claim is refused, then the injured person has six months in which to file a lawsuit under California Code 910.
  • Boating accidents can result in injuries when a rental has been improperly maintained, or the boat sinks and life jackets are not available, causing a drowning. It can also be negligence that causes one boat to strike another, resulting in injury.
  • Truck accidents can be caused by negligence for many reasons, including poor maintenance of the vehicle, when the driver has been driving for too long and when that person has been poorly trained, among others.
  • Slips and falls happen in many locations, including grocery stores, shopping centers, government buildings and parking lots. Store owners are required to maintain their premises in good condition and are responsible for repairs and cleaning up hazardous spills to avoid an accident injury.
  • Bicycle accidents often result in severe injuries because of the lack of protection of the rider. Many bicycle collisions happen with motor vehicles, especially at intersections.
  • Workplace accidents can include lack of safety procedures, falls, and absence of protective equipment.
  • Product defects are common as evidenced by the high number of recalls in automobiles, children’s products, furniture, and other items. These types of defects are also found in medical devices and medications. In cases such as these, a number of different entities may be held responsible, including the manufacturer.
  • Amusement park rides and swimming pools are the sources of many accident injuries every year. These may be caused by poor design, lack of maintenance and supervision of the ride or pool.
  • Public events can be the source of an injury accident when harm is caused to a patron through no fault of their own.
  • Bus and train accidents may be caused by a negligent driver, maintenance or other factors.
  • Pedestrian injuries are common and are often caused by a negligent driver.

Recovering Compensation in a Fair Oaks Injury Accident

Recovering fair compensation in a personal injury can be complex. An experienced personal injury lawyer can help by gathering all the evidence in the case, interviewing witnesses to the accident and, in some cases, using expert witnesses or accident reconstruction. By building a strong case for the recovery of damages, the injured person may obtain the compensation they need to go on with their lives without the added financial worry their accident caused.

Fair Oaks Personal Injury Lawyers

I’m Ed Smith, a Fair Oaks personal injury lawyer. Being injured is bad enough, but it is compounded when the injury wasn’t your fault. For compassionate, free and friendly advice, give me a call at (916) 921-6400. You can connect with me at (800) 404-5400 toll-free or through my contact us page at AutoAccident.com, the website I founded and own.

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Throughout my 36 years working as a personal injury lawyer, I’ve helped many Fair Oaks residents, along with others throughout Northern California, to obtain fair compensation for injuries such as all kinds of motor vehicle accidents, motorcycle collisions, and brain injuries.

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