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January 24, 2016
Edward Smith

 Fair Oaks House Fire

Fair Oaks House Fire

I’m Ed Smith, a Fair Oaks Burn Injury Lawyer. Fires and the burns they cause can be severe and life-altering. On Tuesday, January 12, 2016 a fire broke out in an abandoned home along Wildbriar Lane in Fair Oaks, California.

What Happened?

Sacramento Metropolitan Fire District responded to a structure fire at around 9:00 a.m. in the morning. Before they even arrived on the scene firefighters could see a huge column of smoke. A nearby resident was apparently unsuccessful in trying to use a garden hose to stop the spread of the fire. By the time firefighters arrived on scene the structure was already fully engulfed.

No One Injured

No one was living in the home at the time. No injuries were reported. 

Source: KCRA3 News January 14, 2016

Residential Fires Can Be Devastating

A residential fire can be physically and emotionally devastating. A fire may destroy an entire home or office building. It may consume important documents, priceless keepsakes and precious photographs. Many times a fire can result in serious emotional trauma as well. If your house or apartment building was destroyed by fire, your chances to pursue compensation in a lawsuit depends greatly on what kind of evidence exists. Evidence may be discovered which suggests that another person’s negligence or  carelessness contributed to the fire. In order to determine this important information your lawyer will need to consult with one or more fire reports.

An experienced personal injury lawyer will order all fire reports that may have been created in connection with your fire loss or fire injury. Through a diligent discovery process, your lawyer will learn whether the defendant and/or an insurance company ordered a private fire report. He will find out the name of the individual that completed that report, the company for whom this individual worked, and the results of the fire investigation. Your attorney should also be able to get a copy of any private fire report, even if you did not ask for one to completed.

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If you or a loved one has been injured or suffered a loss in a fire, take immediate action to protect your rights and your ability to seek compensation through a civil lawsuit. I’m Ed Smith, a Fair Oaks Burn Injury Lawyer since 1982. Call me anytime at 916-921-6400 in Sacramento or 800-404-5400 Elsewhere.

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Fair Oaks House Fire – Source: KCRA3 News January 14, 2016