Fair Oaks Hit-and-Run Results in Injuries

Hazel Avenue Intersection Location of Hit-and-Run With Injuries

A hit-and-run in Fair Oaks on November 10 caused injuries to the driver who was struck. The accident happened at the intersection of Hazel and Madison avenues around 2:21 p.m. All of the lanes were blocked by the collision, according to the California Highway Patrol (CHP).

CHP Searching for Hit-and-Run Driver

Medics with Sac Metro Fire arrived at the scene and determined what injuries had occurred to that driver. The CHP is investigating the crash to find out how it occurred and is conducting a search for the fleeing driver. 

Identifying Fugitive Drivers

Upon discovery, the driver of a hit-and-run may be responsible for the injuries caused by the accident. When an investigation is conducted, these drivers are often identified. As a result of our efforts over the years, we have identified a number of fleeing drivers through our perseverance and by employing good investigative techniques.

Fugitive Driver Accident Investigations

To ensure that the fleeing driver is held accountable for the accident, our investigation team heads to the scene as soon as they can. By locating the hit-and-run driver, they can be held financially responsible for the accident injuries either through their insurance company or in civil court. Evidence is gathered from the following areas to locate the driver:

  • Evidence is collected during the investigation of the crash site. Metal pieces and paint smears dropped from the vehicle can be used to determine the make and model of the car. This is helpful because color and pieces, such as taillight assemblies, are specific to certain vehicles.
  • Area surveillance cameras in the area are examined to determine if one could have captured the collision. If there is film footage, it can be subpoenaed as evidence.
  • Witnesses are interviewed as part of the investigation. It may be possible for witnesses to provide information about the vehicle and/or the driver. At times, a witness captured the accident on their cell phone as it occurred or may recall at least a portion of the license plate number, which helps apprehend the driver.
  • If there are errors in the police record, it may affect the injured party’s ability to obtain compensation. We, therefore, require our investigators to conduct a thorough examination of the report to have corrections made if necessary.
  • An accident is forensically reconstructed to identify how it occurred and who was at fault. This type of evidence is frequently used by insurance companies as well as by courts.

Your Insurance May Provide Compensation

Injured parties may be able to recover damages under their uninsured/underinsured insurance policies if they cannot locate the driver following the accident. Policies such as these are offered to all California drivers when purchasing auto insurance. In the event that the injured person does not have this additional policy, they still have another option. You may be able to use the uninsured/underinsured coverage of another family member instead. There will be no change to the rates in the future.

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