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Failure of Airbag Deployment

 Failure of Airbag Deployment

There are many safety devices in cars that have been put in place to reduce the number of injuries. Among seat belts and anti-lock brakes, airbags have also led to fewer fatalities in car accidents. Sometimes, the failure of airbag deployment can happen.

How do Airbags Reduce Injuries?

When an auto accident takes place, the changes in momentum can lead to injuries. People can be thrown from their seats and collide with the steering wheel, dashboard, or the frame of the car. These collisions can occur at high speeds and can cause serious injuries. With the invention of the airbag, these collisions are cushioned. Based on statistics published by US Roads, using an airbag can reduce the frequency of injuries by close to 20 percent. If this is combined with a seatbelt, the number shoots up to close to 50 percent. Because of the importance of these statistics, many manufacturers now place airbags in multiple locations inside of cars. They are placed on the steering wheel, dashboard, and even in the back of the car. Some cars even have side curtain airbags. This ensures that not only the driver but also the passengers have the protection of airbags as well. Sometimes, the failure of airbag deployment may occur.

Why Might an Airbag Fail to Deploy?

Based on manufacturer diagrams, airbags deploy when a sensor on the outside of the car is triggered by a collision. Sometimes, these sensors aren’t triggered. In other situations, it could be an error in the manufacture of the airbag itself. There have been several large airbag recalls. For example, the Takata airbag recall impacted several major companies. Honda had to recall over 7 million vehicles alone, based on statistics from Bloomberg. There could also be defects in the vehicle that allow the airbag to inflate. Most airbags rely on sodium azide (NaN3) to inflate quickly. If the airbag doesn’t inflate, it won’t keep people safe in the car.

Preventing the Failure of Airbag Deployment

It is important to ensure that airbags deploy on time to prevent injuries from happening. Companies need to be held accountable for their products. This accountability ensures that they are tested appropriately. If someone has been hurt because their airbag didn’t deploy, they should contact a compassionate car accident lawyer in Sacramento for assistance. With the help of a trained legal adviser, the accident can be investigated thoroughly. An attorney will help you hold manufacturers accountable for the safety of their products.

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