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Escaped Bull Scatters Crowd in Redding

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May 25, 2022
Edward Smith

Escaped Bull Captured After Injuring Six People at Redding Rodeo

An escaped bull from a Redding rodeo ran and bucked through the VIP section on May 20th, causing minor injuries to six spectators. The accident occurred on the Redding Rodeo Grounds on Auditorium Drive during the final part of the bull riding event. The bull, pursued by two men on horseback, jumped over a fence into the crowd and went through a parking lot before it was finally captured about half a mile from the event location. 

High Schooler Says Adrenaline Rush Kept Him From Feeling the Pain

Six people received treatment for minor trauma, but fortunately, no serious injuries were reported from the escaped bull. One of the injured, a sophomore at Enterprise High School, said his leg was clipped by the bull’s horn as the powerful animal made its way through the VIP section. He was quoted as saying it was an experience and that he felt nothing then. He said his adrenaline was at work, and he had to make decisions quickly. 

Escaped Bull Episode Occurs on the Third Day of Local Rodeo

One of the injuries occurred near Sundial Bridge, where the escaped bull was captured. According to Cpl, the bull was placed inside a trailer and taken to its ranch. Aaron Holleman of the Redding Police Department. The Redding Rodeo Association released a statement wishing their best to those affected by the bull’s escape. They said their highest priority was their fans’ safety. The 74th Annual Redding Rodeo ran from May 18 through May 21, and the accident occurred on the third day of the popular event.

Injuries at Public Events

Injuries commonly occur at public events, and some result in traumatic brain injuries, broken bones, and even fatalities. Many people are injured yearly at concerts, fairs, music festivals, and other outdoor or indoor entertainment. When this happens, knowing who is responsible and who can be held liable for those injuries can be confusing. Some of the reasons for injuries that occur at public venues can include:

  • Unsafe conditions at the venue, such as inadequate protection for those in the audience stands.
  • Defective equipment such as fire suppression or ventilation
  • Lack of crowd control
  • Lack of sufficient security or untrained personnel
  • Violence caused by intruders or those planning on harming attendees

Liability in these public venues may include performers, the owner, promoter, security, or even third parties such as food and drink vendors. For rodeos, insurance is available to cover injuries due to the high number reported every year, such as:

  • Rodeo clowns show a more than 77 percent injury rate because this is a dangerous job, especially when riding bulls are involved.
  • Eighty-nine percent of rodeo performers are injured every year.
  • Spectators can be injured for some reasons, including fencing that is too low and does not protect them from the animals.

Because a public venue accident such as a rodeo can be complex, enlisting the help of an injury lawyer makes good sense. The lawyer can investigate the case to determine whether negligence was involved, collect the evidence, and identify those who may be held liable for your injuries. The lawyer can also negotiate with the insurance company to get you the full amount you deserve.

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