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August 18, 2015
Edward Smith

Elk Grove Water District

The Elk Grove Water District will come out to your Elk Grove home and perform a FREE review of your irrigation system. A certified landscape irrigation auditor will test your home’s sprinkler set up and prepare a full report with ways you can save water and money on your water bill. Simply call (916) 685-3556 to make an appointment with Elk Grove Water District’s landscape irrigation personnel.

The Elk Grove Water District is located at:   9257 Elk Grove Blvd., Elk Grove, CA 95624   •   Telephone:   (916) 685-3556   Contact:  Mark Madison, General Manager

Outdoors – Water Conservation Tips

If you have an automatic irrigation system, install a cutoff sensor so water won’t come on during rainy days.

When watering your yard, try deeper, slower watering that will encourage roots to grow deeper and dry out less often.

Soaker hoses are great because they don’t allow the water to evaporate. They are also nice because the water generally will not blow off on a windy day. It soaks just the area being watered with virtually no water waste.

If you notice a hose or sprinkler leaking, replace the washer right away. It is such an inexpensive fix and you will start saving money on your water bill right away.

To learn how to install a drip watering system in your Elk Grove landscaping scheme, click here.

Indoors – Where are the worst leaks?

The worst leaks are usually located in your toilet. This type of toilet leak can be remedied for just less than $3 by installing a new flapper.

A new flapper is required to put an end to water leakage from the tank into the toilet bowl. This type of common toilet leak wastes an unknown number of gallons per year.

What about the leaky sink and tub faucets?

Well, a good way to get that fixed in a hurry is to imagine a dime being sucked down the drain with every drop that you hear.

There is no telling how much of our hard-earned cash is going right down the drain in this wasteful, but very common manner.

Want to know how many Elk Grove families are saving more than 700 gallons of water per year?

It’s is as simple as this folks: turn the water off while brushing your teeth. Only run the water to rinse.

Brushing twice per day, multiplied by each family member, really adds up to a savings!

Water-saving showerheads really turned me off. I didn’t want to lose water pressure. I was pleasantly surprised to gain more pressure with my water-saving showerhead.

I noticed a marked reduction in the number of gallons of water usage on my water bill compared to last year at this time. I am certain that my water-saving showerheads are a direct result of my finally becoming willing to give this device a try.

Remind all members of your household to use the water level indicator on the washer. If you are doing smaller loads this really saves water.

Some families in Elk Grove take water conservation to another level by showering together and by not flushing the toilet except for solid waste. Like the water-saving showerhead idea – I am really hesitant to try this. But who knows, maybe I will lighten up and give it try.

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